Translation of lukewarm in Spanish:


tibio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈlukwɔrm/ /ˈluːkwɔːm/ /luːkˈwɔːm/

Definition of tibio in Spanish


  • 1

    (water/milk) tibio
    • I noted the name, booked a table and was surprised to find lukewarm food and chilly service.
    • I was eating scrambled eggs for breakfast, accustomed to the lukewarm food by now.
    • School lunches are a slice of ham or turkey with lukewarm potatoes or corn.
    • These are mixed with lukewarm water and left in a warm place until slightly fermented and sour, a process which takes, on average, a week.
    • He played with his fork, stirring the lukewarm stew on his tray, pushing lumps of meat substitute around from side to side but not eating anything.
    • The only drawbacks were the not so warm soup and lukewarm hot appetizers.
    • Sipping coffee that is lukewarm, he reads about a thing called False Memory Syndrome.
    • Lauren's head throbs as she reaches for the lukewarm cup of coffee to her side.
    • She picked up the blue mug with TUESDAY written on the side and took a sip of lukewarm coffee.
    • But then we saw that it was just a lukewarm plate of banana, apple and kiwi slices.
    • Later we were taken for lunch to a state restaurant where lukewarm fish, vegetables and rice were produced from a chilly kitchen.
    • The food was excellent quality, the service good and, for once, our pizza did not arrive lukewarm in a box.
    • Nick was less impressed with his cod loin, complaining it was too small while the sauce was bland and lukewarm.
    • She said looking at her coffee cup again, it was lukewarm now and she hadn't drank any yet.
    • Take the 1 cup lukewarm water and mix the package of yeast into it.
    • Use only lukewarm water; cool water may cause shivering, which actually raises body temperature.
    • Winnie pushed away her unfinished toast and drained her glass of lukewarm tea.
    • Ignoring the pain, Kirby poured herself some lukewarm tea into the thermos' cup.
    • Cool until lukewarm then beat with a whisk or electric beaters until creamy.
    • Set the clarified butter aside to cool until lukewarm.
  • 2

    (support/reaction) poco entusiasta
    he only showed lukewarm interest no mostró demasiado interés
    • he was very lukewarm about the idea la idea no lo entusiasmó / no le hizo demasiada gracia
    • These lukewarm attitudes open up the possibility that some may ultimately decide to sit out this election.
    • But it is not right for the government to take such a lukewarm attitude.
    • The polling has indicated only lukewarm support, and that at a time when emotions about child murder are running exceptionally high.
    • The plan had received lukewarm support from fellow politicians.
    • But even Sweden, one of the countries that wanted to reduce its spending, was lukewarm on the proposals.
    • The effort flopped amid claims that he was lukewarm, despite his public protestations of support.
    • By the use of that euphemism it is assumed you seek to address those lukewarm, apathetic or lapsed individuals who think as you do.
    • My support of Congress is grudging and lukewarm - for lack of anything better.
    • The proposal has so far drawn only a lukewarm response from Arab nations.
    • She then came up to Capitol Hill, as you mentioned, and got a pretty lukewarm reception.
    • The response at the end of his speech was decidedly lukewarm.
    • Food critics, too, are decidedly lukewarm.
    • The reviews have been rather lukewarm for the movie.
    • Once I did run a rather lukewarm review and I can tell you, I felt bad about it.
    • And, since the wedding was announced on February 10, the reaction has been somewhat lukewarm.
    • However, his arrival on Capitol Hill is likely to elicit a lukewarm reception.
    • And her first film, The Virgin Suicides, received only a lukewarm response.
    • The response of secular political parties to the movement so far has been lukewarm.
    • The film opened in US cinemas on February 10 and met with lukewarm reviews.
    • Holmes, a fullback in high school, seems lukewarm to the idea.