Translation of luxuriant in Spanish:


exuberante, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌləɡˈʒʊriənt/ /ˌləkˈʃʊriənt/ /lʌɡˈʒʊərɪənt/ /lʌɡˈzjʊərɪənt/ /lʌkˈsjʊərɪənt/

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    (vegetation/growth) exuberante
    (vegetation/growth) lujuriante literary
    (hair) hermoso y abundante
    • The lady on the left had long, dark luxuriant hair, full lips and eyes like black olives; on her head perched a jewelled coronet.
    • Erica, in a dark blue silk dressing-gown and fluffy slippers, her luxuriant hair being disheveled, flew into the room like a hurricane.
    • Hair is full, luxuriant and bursting with healthy vitality.
    • Rebecca's eyes were clear and blue, the color of the ocean at Brighton beach, her hair thick, luxuriant, plentiful, and curly, spilling down her back in exotic curls.
    • Roxanne sighed as she twisted her luxuriant dark brown hair into a knot at the back of her head.
    • Pitt's ‘garbage’, along with his face and his body - the torqued biceps, the luxuriant hair - is his fortune, and the producers of Troy are hoping that it will be theirs, also.
    • Della sells her luxuriant hair to buy Jim a chain for his gold watch, while Jim in turn sells his watch to buy a set of tortoise shell combs Della has desired for her hair.
    • On view until May 6, the exhibit examines his richly colored Pre-Raphaelite portraits of women blessed with cupid's bow lips, luxuriant hair and deep, hooded eyes.
    • The gift of the kings from the coastal regions was thousands of exquisite young girls from the Karpasika country, all slender-waisted, of luxuriant hair, decked in gold.
    • Many women enjoy more luxuriant hair later in pregnancy.
    • As Betty tenderly uncovers the wound beneath Rita's luxuriant hair, we know she's already in too deep for her own good.
    • Suddenly Mrs Brown catches sight of Florence's head of luxuriant hair under her bonnet and is gripped by the lust to clip the tresses off and sell them.
    • But oh, he was a handsome man, with hair as curly and luxuriant as that of Will's beautiful maid, and dark blue eyes that matched the color of the ocean in Brighton.
    • His skin was still so pale as to be painful to her eyes, and clashed dramatically with his beautiful dark hair, long and luxuriant in the sunlight, and boyishly disheveled.
    • Her failed vision of herself, though men almost unfailingly found her beautiful, was of ‘a smaller, elegant creature with luxuriant auburn hair, sea-green eyes and a dazzling white skin’.
    • The Donald himself sports a luxuriant mane of reddish hair that seems to spring not just out of his pate but also out of his brow, where it almost merges with his wildly profuse eyebrows.
    • Britain needs more men with luxuriant heads of hair.
    • The new prisoner had luxuriant fox-red hair and hot blue eyes, and the dead-white complexion of extreme drunken anger.
    • Do luxuriant facial hair and expert knowledge of complex function theory go together?
    • After descending from Almora the road winds its way mostly along the valley and we had the constant companionship of lush green paddy fields, luxuriant vegetation all around and an occasional rivulet.
    • Its tropical gardens are full of rare, luxuriant vegetation and exotic fragrance.
    • Such little strips of open land would seem very mean in other latitudes, but at the equator, where there is vertical sun and luxuriant vegetation, they can work and be pleasant to look into, if not be in.
    • Dotted with green islets and set in a spectacular lunar landscape, Lake Myvatn is notable for its luxuriant vegetation and for providing a home for 45 nesting bird species.
    • Christmas trees are essentially a foliage crop, and luxuriant foliage with good color is a definite asset when trees are sold.
    • And luxuriant foliage is no longer just apple green but ranges from purplish blue to green splashed with white.
    • The village is noted for the colours of its villas and their roofs, luxuriant foliage, the beauty of the surrounding mountains and the blue of the water and sky.
    • Though the centre is not immune from horn blare and tyre screech, a tranquillity hangs in the air, nurtured by luxuriant greenery and birdsong.
    • Wilting shrubs spring back to life and luxuriant grass begins to sprout in the open spaces, even as flower buds burst into blossoms of loveliness.
    • They emerge from the luxuriant foliage like lost Mayan temples.
    • Its still surface is pictured with dainty reflections of boats and grassy banks and luxuriant foliage.
    • And luxuriant greenery is a magnet for local wildlife in the dry, so station gardens also require considerable fortification to discourage pigs and wallabies from making damaging incursions.
    • The driver examined the damage caused to the car, while Hubert and his Phaedran friends chatted with us by a hedge delimiting a field of mastodon grazing on tall luxuriant grass.
    • Air-vehicles were fluently moving above ziggurats submerged in the luxuriant greenery.
    • In the summertime, elk come to nibble on the luxuriant grasses that grow on my living roof.
    • There is usually a current running here, but the same thing that makes diving slightly uncomfortable encourages luxuriant coral growth and teeming numbers of small fish.
    • This ancient woodland is nothing like a typical rainforest, which has a lush canopy, a luxuriant understory, and a permanently shaded, relatively open forest floor.
    • We have absolutely no fresh food in the house… except if you count the luxuriant growth of mould on an avocado I left in the fruitbowl.
    • The bush in this area grows in luxuriant profusion, even on the high rocks off the coast.
    • It also seems to sport a luxuriant growth of something akin to a virulent mould.