Translation of macadamia in Spanish:


macadamia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmækəˈdeɪmiə/ /ˌmakəˈdeɪmɪə/


(macadamia nut)
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    macadamia feminine
    • Saxby Bridge has enthusiastically marketed all sorts of tax effective schemes involving things like tea trees, macadamias, wine and even online lingerie.
    • Around 1882 the macadamia was introduced to Hawaii, and flourished.
    • More than 50,000 Mum and Dad investors claimed billions in tax deductions through the '90s for investing in things like macadamias, tea-trees and wine.
    • More still needed to be done to diversify into crops such as smallcrops, olives, macadamias and hemp.
    • The Tin Dog, a Byron hinterland retreat surrounded by subtropical rainforest and macadamia plantations, is the creation of former Sydney-siders, Mark and Sue Kelly.
    • Felix got him interested in macadamias, and Chris has been to Australia to collect breeding material.
    • The embryo of macadamia comprises the edible kernel.
    • The gang from Malibu Adjacent travel to Hawaii, where Notch meets up with his old friend, King Kumonya, a macadamia farmer with the biggest, juiciest nuts Notch has even eaten.
    • My wife and I find that the crickets are nosier than the frogs, and best of all, the mosquitoes have all but disappeared from our macadamia orchard.
    • The group has visited outlying towns like Tenterfield, as well as the University, Nimbin, a dairy farm, the Lismore saleyards, and a macadamia farm.
    • Hot and humid weather is threatening to cost the local macadamia industry $6 million after a rotting disease was found in number of orchards.
    • He also offered funding towards a code of practice for the macadamia industry, currently being developed by Lismore Council.
    • Changes to the Threatened Species Conservation Act potentially prevent macadamia trees from being cleared from the area because they are classed as native flora.
    • ‘We have appliances for catering businesses, macadamia farms and coffee plantations for example,’ John said.
    • Scuba divers explore the Julian Rocks Marine Reserve while bushwalkers stride into the rolling green hinterlands, through koala forests and macadamia plantations.
    • This annual two-day specialist field day for the horticultural and macadamia industries attracts over 4000 people.