Translation of macrame in Spanish:


macramé, n.

Pronunciation /məˈkrɑːmi/


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    macramé masculine
    • The exhibition featured bobbin lace, patchwork and quilting, cross stitch, canvas work embroidery, macramé, and even miniature furniture.
    • You know something's a trend when the most fashionable street in Islington, north London, opens a knitting shop, whose classes are booked out weeks in advance and whose clientèle is more Miu Miu than macramé.
    • I mean, there are people on LJ who like macramé, for heaven's sake.
    • Crafty collars made of beaten metal, neckpieces of wood and macramé, great big pendants and crosses are all back from the wilderness.
    • Three major mis-hits later, I wanted to give up golf and take up macramé.
    • Like rollerblading and macramé, parallel parking is something I just can't do.
    • Family planning nurses will find they no longer believe in contraception and child pornography investigators will suddenly take up macramé.
    • Even without the benefit of macramé, retro seventies' disco chic never looked so hilariously square.
    • The humble string was used in different ways throughout, either literally or as a print, on what Neuman called ‘amusing daywear’ featuring macramé, screen-printed wool and canvas, fur and duffle.