Translation of magic in Spanish:


magia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmædʒɪk/ /ˈmadʒɪk/

Definition of magia in Spanish


  • 1

    magia feminine
    black magic magia negra
    • white magic magia blanca
    • as if by magic como por encanto
    • there's no magic about it no tiene nada de especial, (si) es muy fácil / sencillo
    • the magic of springtime la magia de la primavera
    • the place has lost its magic for me el lugar ha perdido el encanto para mí
    • The second half was magic, beautiful, brilliant, particularly when in the 22nd or 23rd minute of the half Peter Withe scored.
    • This show appeals to all ages with its exciting, fast-paced story, fantastic images and beautiful puppet magic.
    • It is being staged by Ian Judge, a director who does not always find depth in a work but is guaranteed to bring a quality of pleasing theatrical magic.
    • Arveladze's moment of magic on the half hour was simply delightful.
    • The Polar Express is cinematic magic - a delightful tale guaranteed to enthrall viewers of all ages.
    • All of it was so delicately beautiful - magic, in a way, just as Raven herself seemed to be.
    • Certainly, the world will never regain for us that quality of hope and magic which it once had, but with the passage of years our pain will ease.
    • Magic is what brought us to the game as children and, if we are completely honest, it is what keeps us following the game: the next twist of the tale, the next moment of beauty and magic.
    • Flowing space, quality materials and sheer magic are impossible to capture in an exhibition.
    • If Dennis the Menace remains in England, lovers of the beautiful game can anticipate many more moments of magic to store away in the memory banks.
    • It seems that the ultimate mysteriousness of horses adds a quality of magic to the transactions of the gambler.
    • The magic of that moment is rekindled in a new Edinburgh show of Kelly's work, the first, surprisingly given his influence and importance, ever held in Scotland.
    • So prepare for the Laird's party and birthday surprise with the people of the island, and watch as this renowned theatre company work their magic on a well-known story.
    • The potential magic of theater is that, no matter how many months or years a show has run, each performance is unique, and the audience is part of it.
    • And that is pretty much the story of the whole album: moments of supreme art-rock magic undermined by a lack of direction, focus and clarity.
    • However, he also produced moments of magic - including two stunning strikes against Tottenham two seasons ago, both from long distance.
    • Yorkston apologises profusely for only playing six songs, but while the set seems a little truncated, he still manages to conjure up some moments of real magic.
    • In addition to the message, A Christmas Carol is unadulterated theatre magic designed to yank at the heartstrings.
    • But a moment of magic from Adam Harris brought the Blues back into the game and set the stage for a memorable second half.
    • It's a world of magic, beauty and celebration of the human form.


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    (power/potion) mágico
    (trick) de magia
    magic carpet alfombra mágica
    • magic wand varita mágica
    • there's no magic remedy that can cure it no hay ningún remedio milagroso que lo cure
    • I obviously don't have your magic touch está claro que yo no tengo ese arte especial que tú tienes
    • say the magic word! ¿qué se dice?
    • The eye-catching clusters of life-size Winnie the Pooh bears seem to have a magic power that locks your gaze onto them.
    • From thence he made his way to Egypt - there, if possible, to learn the art of working wonders by magic spells.
    • During the trial, Roulet testified that his lycanthropic ability was the result of a magic salve in his possession.
    • Mrs Hill's early childhood was spent opposite the gasworks in North Kensington where local folklore held that the gasworks' fumes had magic healing qualities.
    • I was fascinated by stories of magic powers and yogis.
    • A magic ring provides powers of flight and, later, invisibility to its wearers.
    • Her teddy bear comes alive and gives her magic powers.
    • Choosing a carpet can be difficult, but imagine if you had to select one on the strength of its magic powers.
    • You have passed the test of compassion, and I will grant you wishes and riches and magic powers!
    • When local peasants try to remove the crystal from its grotto, believing that this would rescue them from a life of poverty, the crystal loses its magic powers.
    • The ring is very powerful; it definitely is a good luck charm, and, according to my grandmother, it has magic powers.
    • In Africa, the songs of crickets are said to have magic powers.
    • After spending 40 years in the cave, Huang, whose real name was Huang Chuping, had the magic power of turning stones into sheep.
    • I may have been superhuman when I was nine, but evidently the magic powers have worn off.
    • No, vinegar does not have magic powers, says Cleveland nutritionist Cindy Moore.
    • She bore incredible magic powers even at a young age; now she was quite possibly the mightiest wizard in the immediate area.
    • Legends, however, sprang up and abounded about Asclepias' magic powers making the other gods jealous with envy.
    • ‘Go for it,’ Maeve said amused at how much she would have loved to have magic powers at this age.
    • Commonly, sorcerers might carry a magic implement to store power in, so the recitation of a whole spell wouldn't be necessary.
    • Your extraterrestrial friends are waiting round the corner with a magic device containing the power to zap you across the galaxy - or anywhere at all that isn't the here and now.
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    (moment/beauty) (enchanting) mágico
    (marvellous) sensacional informal
    (marvellous) fabuloso informal
    • The purpose of this book is simple: to help people make the most of their own magic moments with orchids.
    • Expect a fancy dress competition, choral warm-up and ‘crazy magic moments with the help of your free fun-filled goody bag’.
    • They had not been warned that it was a busman's holiday and that they were going to be sharing their magic moment with an ever-shifting, never-thinning crowd.
    • I speculated that my magic moment would arrive when I was a little older and wiser, and my picture was then ‘aged’ by our graphics team.
    • The video clips can be recorded so users can relive magic moments - or even use them to taunt pals who support rival teams.
    • Make it easy on yourself - enjoy the magic moments in life - they are too few and far between.
    • We need not imagine that there is a magic moment when an embryo passes over a moral threshold of personhood.
    • Jane said the trip had many magic moments but for her the achievement of others made it special.
    • If you wanted one magic moment with which to sum up the championships, you would look no further than Eunice Barber and the last-round jump that took her to long jump gold.
    • It may sound contrived but was just the kind of magic moment the fans love to see - it was just a shame there weren't more there to see it.
    • This man had magic in his boots and gave his fans many, many magic moments.
    • Make sure you bring your camera along to capture the magic moments as the children radiate happiness at the sight of their heroes appearing in real life before their very eyes.
    • ‘Movie promoters say that a successful film has to have five magic moments for each viewer,’ said Haydee.
    • The performance, as with flamenco guitar, provided the ‘duende’ that he considered the magic moment of the poem.
    • In every big transaction there is a magic moment during which a man has surrendered a treasure, and during which the man who is due to receive it, has not yet done so.
    • Mattie Dowd will be there with his camera to capture the magic moment when the children meet Santa and afterwards there will be a disco.
    • I have finished the books I am reviewing and have come to the magic moment when I get to choose some reading matter.
    • You know those magic moments in your music appreciation history that you constantly look back on?
    • Nobody said a word and nobody did anything, as if the person who did so would bring an end to this magic moment.
    • The much awaited magic moment arrived on July 20th in a moving opening ceremony.

transitive verb magicking, magicked, magicked

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    to magic sth up/away sacar algo/hacer desaparecer algo como por arte de magia
    • The report simply says that an alternative route will need to be found for buses but it is far from evident how any such alternative route can be magicked up.
    • Four more veggie meals were magicked out of thin air.
    • Whole posts can be magicked away by a couple of ill-considered key presses - without even taking your hand off the keyboard.
    • The comment was half intended to shock the creator into realizing the error in this scene and magicking the stranger back into his intended time and place in the great scheme of things.
    • Witches help mortals, little stuff like giving a blind old lady temporary sight, magicking money to a homeless guy.
    • We all ran upstairs to get our airboards, Black magicking her hair to be shorter so it wouldn't be in the way while she flew.
    • What was the point of magicking a lock to never yield when you could cast the chest off a cliff or destroy it with an axe?
    • Rosette actually magicked them to creak, and she maintained that it gave the house ‘character.’
    • We rode toward the house, and I helped unload the cart, than magicked the other things into their respective places.
    • The demons that had magicked me here had put some other spell on me, also.
    • They are pebbles that were magicked into looking like the coppers for three hours.
    • It was a gift from her past, it was magicked to hold all her belongings without adding weight.
    • And that jet plane, by the way, was magicked in to the past by the very first Merlin.
    • At one time in the beginning of the universe and the beginning of energy, that energy must have been magicked or tricked into being.
    • And many thanks to Alan for magicking up an ‘Art for Art's Sake’ category in the sidebar (just above the archives), to which I'll add my weekly efforts.
    • He's undoubtedly got a gift for magicking something emotive out of the most inorganic, mechanical elements, and with the shivery Fireworks, he turns a simple flute loop into a soft, hypnotic lament.
    • Anyway, inspired by Albrechtsen yesterday I whipped out my freshly starched apron (unfortunately after, rather than instead of, work) and magicked up a little dinner for my man.
    • And the £10.59 (goodness knows where you magicked that figure from!) will cover the phone calls and the 4 days service I didn't get.
    • Provisions sorted, we hit the train station, found a seat and magicked up our spread, using the thoughtfully-provided McDonald's bag as a litter bin.