Translation of magnanimous in Spanish:


magnánimo, adj.

Pronunciation /mæɡˈnænəməs/ /maɡˈnanɪməs/


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    (person/gesture) magnánimo
    they were magnanimous in victory en la hora de la victoria se mostraron magnánimos / generosos
    • More importantly, the ode implies that Henri is generous and magnanimous.
    • She decided that, in light of the news she was going to share, she could be magnanimous and forgive Aria.
    • It should be realised that without their good will and magnanimous gesture, such a major project as this could not go ahead.
    • He had his days of disappointment too, but he was equally gracious and magnanimous in both victory and defeat.
    • He always showed a wonderful degree of sportsmanship and in victory or defeat was magnanimous to the other side.
    • I wish to thank you for all your support last night and the magnanimous gesture of giving me your water bottle.
    • King Frederick William, in a magnanimous gesture, presented the entire room to the tsar.
    • But the experience, sadly, left them neither magnanimous nor humble in victory.
    • Matilda's inability to be magnanimous in victory had cost the country another 12 years of civil war.
    • Haney is a true sportsman, always magnanimous and complimentary to his rivals.
    • If you can quieten the Paris crowd you have half the battle won and they proved themselves magnanimous in defeat by giving the Scots a rousing cheer at the final whistle.
    • It was his first domestic reverse as Celtic manager, and a painful one, but he was calm and magnanimous as he congratulated Rangers that afternoon.
    • His was a perfectly balanced personality - tolerant, truthful, perspicuous and magnanimous.
    • Before I was short-tempered and abrasive, but now I have learned the art of becoming more magnanimous.
    • But despite his disappointment, McCallion was more than magnanimous in defeat.
    • It sounds like a very magnanimous thing for Google to do - to build a virtual library of Alexandria, but there is a solid business reason as well.
    • It was magnanimous of Mr Beattie to accept responsibility for the failures in our power supply.
    • The tragic blunders of the era of reconstruction came from the lack of such magnanimous politics.
    • It is easy to be magnanimous, of course, when things go well for you.
    • The parents have been magnanimous, and both the parent-teacher association and action group have worked well as a team.