Translation of magnetic in Spanish:


magnético, adj.

Pronunciation /mæɡˈnɛdɪk/ /maɡˈnɛtɪk/

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    (force/field/north/storm/tape) magnético
    • His magnetic boots stuck to the floor a bit longer than a normal shoe would have, but then again, with normal shoes, Patrick would be floating.
    • When I spoke to Howse on the telephone I was not aware that the magnetic powder had to stick to the insect because it was not described in the newspaper article.
    • In the 1990's many women began to create photo albums that were more than simply photos stuck in magnetic albums.
    • His heavy anti-radiation suit made it a bit hard to move, but the magnetic shoes stuck him to the surface like glue.
    • If you don't, gluing may be a little troublesome as not many types of glue will stick to the magnetic material very well.
    • The cameras and magnetic strip readers were stuck to the ATMs and looked like original parts.
    • What was wrong, you wondered, with those nice magnetic charts with stick on clouds and smiley sunshines?
    • Below a big art nouveau mirror there's a gas fire with a magnetic piper stuck to it, an indication of his Scottish roots.
    • Based on diffusion theory, they calculated the magnetic particles in the glass to be about 1000 atoms across.
    • In addition all the electric motors are of low magnetic material content and have compensated stray fields.
    • The small magnetic key slid into the ignition slot and completed the battery-powered engine circuit.
    • And the dozens of Atlantis exercise machines each sport a small magnetic plaque with a verse of scripture.
    • Basic research into the electrical and thermal properties of metallic, magnetic and organic materials is leading to the discovery of novel superconductors.
    • He sees lots of possible uses, such as lubricants, semiconductors in flat-panel displays, and non-metallic magnetic materials.
    • Of course, no silent operation is possible at this fan rotation speed, even though it is built with magnetic bearings.
    • We are currently planning a proper geological survey of as many magnetic mountains as possible.
    • The sample was under constant stirring with a magnetic bar during the measurements.
    • With a magnetic belt capable of separating out the rebar iron from the concrete, it ground the concrete to gravel.
    • The material, being a mixture rather than a compound, retains the transparent and lightweight properties of the aerogel, as well as the magnetic properties of the magnetic particles.
    • The new method entails the use of injectable magnetic fluids that would be capable of repairing all areas of the retina.
    • Path comes and goes, compass bearing is 255 degrees magnetic.
    • If you were carrying a hand-bearing compass you could have made a note of the other vessel's magnetic relative bearing and checked it again every few minutes.
    • My friends and colleagues who are interested in alignments say they keep finding things which point towards either 125 degrees magnetic or to its diametric opposite (125+180= 305).
    • When geomagnetic activity is low, the aurora typically is located, in the hours around midnight, at about 67 degrees magnetic latitude.
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    (attraction/charm) magnético
    (personality) lleno de magnetismo
    • There was something about Isabelle's personality that was magnetic - people were just drawn to her, including Corey.
    • Tigers are alluring animals and stories about them always have a magnetic appeal.
    • From every act, from every word of the persona he has presented to the camera since the early 1970s, there emanates at once a mediocrity and a magnetic allure.
    • His magnetic personality has the capacity to enchant fellow men.
    • In the end, the magnetic pull of opera is strong even to those who, unlike MacMillan, are not openly ‘fascinated by the make-believe world of the opera’.
    • He already has won over teammates with his magnetic personality.
    • My siblings all had magnetic personalities and made friends easily, but I didn't.
    • One could feel the magnetic pull of the Bay Area from 150 miles away, as traffic thickened in the standing heat.
    • By everyone's account, he was an exceptionally bright and perceptive child with a magnetic personality.
    • He had the looks, the magnetic charmed personality, access to money, and the power to take whatever he wanted, often without question or repercussion.
    • If you can break away from the magnetic pull of the music, visit the excellent, almost impromptu street markets which spring up at different hours in different daily locations.
    • There was some magnetic force pulling me toward him - as though we were in the eye of a tornado, pushing us closer and closer together.
    • When you combine all this glamour with their high intelligence and magnetic personalities, your dog will be the envy of the neighborhood.
    • He was reminded of the previous night's events and glanced curiously to the window, a magnetic force pulling his head in that direction.
    • In reality, the combination in a woman of a charming or magnetic personality and even moderate good looks often makes her appear far more attractive than a woman who is considered outright beautiful.
    • Despite her vehement decision to completely ignore Scott Pearce for the evening, a kind of magnetic pull forced Danielle to turn and look at him.
    • The guy has been called magnetic, mesmerizing, captivating, sharply political and, most importantly, fun.
    • He was a magnetic coach who attracted hundreds of acolytes.
    • But beneath that magnetic charm lies a hard core of determination and inner strength.
    • In fact, David Hasselhoff is a man of such magnetic charisma that women literally throw themselves out of high-storey windows to attract his attention.