There are 2 main translations of main in Spanish

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principal, adj.

Pronunciation /meɪn/


  • 1

    (purpose/idea) principal
    (purpose/idea) fundamental
    (purpose/idea) más importante
    (door/bedroom) principal
    (office) central
    the main thing lo principal
    • I have my main meal (of the day) in the evening hago la comida principal / fuerte por la noche
    • main deck cubierta principal
    • With the forthcoming London mayoral elections in June, the three main candidates have thrown their hats into the ring.
    • The only way out is the one and only main gate.
    • I wandered about, and sat for a while in the main choir listening to the organ.
    • Last week saw the main parties fighting to win the battle of the box.
    • The main importance of writing is that it provides good evidence.
    • Frequently, teachers would use students as main characters in problem-solving situations.
    • Upon leaving, walk down St. Paul's steps and make a right turn onto the first main thoroughfare.
    • Because of the anticipated size of the main dishes, we unanimously decided to skip starters.
    • Here in Australia our main source of electricity is coal, and it's our biggest export earner.
    • The main road was blocked all day till 5.00 pm when the damaged vehicles were moved by cranes.
    • Demand was depressed in the main consuming countries last year, so prices should be falling.
    • When pre-season is complete, you are ready to start fighting in the main season.
    • They appear to have settled chiefly in the north and center of the main island.
    • His main distinguishing feature was the single black eye patch thrown across his left eye.
    • The third main thrust of the mission, is to measure the radiation environment around the red planet.
    • The main TV networks have lost a third of their audience over the past twenty years.
    • Colibacillus from domestic sewage is one of the main reasons area water is below drinking standard.
    • Inside, the main living area is open plan, with the sitting room separated from the kitchen by an archway.
    • Gravel pits along the Hudson Bay coast were the third main environmental concern.
    • They said nothing more on the short walk back to the main open area where tables had now been set up.


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    • 1.1

      (principal pipe) cañería principal feminine
      (principal pipe) cañería de distribución feminine
      (principal pipe) tubería principal feminine
      (principal pipe) tubería de distribución feminine
      (principal cable) cable principal masculine
      • Faulks said the alarm was not properly connected to electrical mains and would have had to rely on a back-up battery even if switched on.
      • It was also delivering water to the camp, where many mains and sewage pipes are broken.
      • Numerous leaks have developed from broken water pipes and mains.
      • There were reports of broken water and gas mains around northern Kyushu, and bullet trains and other railways and subways suspended operations, but later resumed running.
      • Water mains and gas, sewer, telephone, and electrical systems were disrupted through the area.
      • The pipelaying project is part of a multi-million pound programme of improvements to replace old metal gas mains with new plastic pipes.
      • In part of Stricklandgate, the water and gas mains were close together and set in protective concrete.
      • The problem was sparked by a burst water pipe on Monday which leaked into the gas mains.
      • If you have any questions about the location of the gas main, call your gas company.
      • The area the city you're talking about, we did have a lot of water in the gas mains, the low pressure gas lines that were affected.
      • Water would also begin to be a problem as the rubble thrown out by the blast dammed the river, which soon started to overflow its banks where its waters mixed with sewage from broken mains.
      • Council heard upgrades to the water and sewer mains there will need upgrading to properly service the proposed affordable housing complex on the former community hall site.
      • Another problem, and one not restricted to the developing world, was the risk of cross contamination of water and sewer mains, he said.
      • Because of this, the water main was above the gas main, and had been encased in concrete to protect it from the heavy traffic above.
      • The first phase of roadworks, which will involve replacing existing gas mains with modern plastic piping, started in Cambridge Road, near the junction with Park Road, on Monday.
      • The current flood and two of the previous floods were caused by burst pipes or mains and Essex and Suffolk Water have admitted responsibility.
      • Workers have completed repairs, but were today still pumping water out of the gas main before restoring supplies.
      • Workmen laying a gas pipe drilled through an existing main, causing gas to seep into the cellar of the house.
      • We are accelerating this work, and by 2010 will have renewed over 1,100 miles of water mains in London.
      • Since the overwhelming majority of us are connected to the electricity grid, gas mains or both, the scourge of indoor air pollution is not a killer.
      • Chris Watts, 40, of Peldon, was using a mechanical digger in the front garden of a house in London Road, Marks Tey, when he hit electricity and gas mains.

    • 1.2(supply)

      the main la red de suministro
      • the mains la red de suministro
      • to turn the water/gas off at the main cerrar la llave (principal) del agua/del gas
      • to turn the water/gas off at the mains cerrar la llave (principal) del agua/del gas
      • you can run it off the mains se puede conectar a la red

  • 2literary

    (open sea)
    the main la mar océana literary

There are 2 main translations of Main in Spanish

: main1Main2


Meno, n.

Pronunciation /maɪn/ /mʌɪn/


  • 1

    Meno masculine