Translation of main man in Spanish:

main man

mejor amigo, n.


  • 1

    (close friend)
    mejor amigo masculine
    • Shelton Benjamin, you made the mistake of telling the wrestling world that you have beat my best friend, my main man, Triple H, twice!
    • Always love coming to New York, because that means I've come home and it means I get to be in his presence, the presence of my buddy and my main man, Aaron Brown.
    • He's my main man, my second, you could say, and so I normally listen when he talks.
    • We're going to close our show tonight with a return visit with one of my main men, Billy Gilman.
    • I'm down with my main man St. Anselm, whose proof of God was simple and pure: God is greater than that which can be conceived.
    • For example, the assumption that a rapper and his main man had killed a young lawyer in Maryland was ridiculous.
    • I shall now briefly introduce you to the main men in my life
  • 2

    (principal figure)
    gran figura feminine