Translation of mainland in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈmeɪnˌlænd/ /ˈmeɪnlənd/ /ˈmeɪnland/


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    • the mainland
    • on the Spanish mainland
    • mainland China
    • For the same reasons sanctuaries were sited at the tip of capes or peninsulas or on an island close to the mainland.
    • This was a deeply formative experience, dividing the fate of the island from the mainland.
    • It seemed the wind was so strong the island would be blown crashing into the shores of the mainland.
    • The impossibly pretty town is mostly on an island on Lake Constance but spills over onto the mainland.
    • The bridge basically connects the island of Seil to the mainland and the Atlantic flows all around.
    • Chiang had been forced to abandon the mainland and retreat to the island of Taiwan in 1949.
    • And then the same salmon may return to the islands after processing on the mainland.
    • Subsoils on the mainland tend to be limestone, while on the islands they are mainly volcanic.
    • In the 1950s bridges began to be built from the mainland to the outlying sea islands.
    • Skye is undeniably spectacular, but the island is now connected to the mainland by a bridge.
    • Today we tend to see islands as backward places in comparison to the mainland.
    • Thirty of the islands are connected to the mainland by a series of bridges and an overseas highway.
    • The island, which was once attached to the mainland, is reached by a short ferry ride.
    • The geological fault lines underlying the eruptions stretch to the Italian mainland.
    • The painted storks from Siberia and Algeria fly across the seas and mainlands for about 6,000 km to reach Veerapuram.
    • Ironically, it was these ports on the Spanish mainland that needed reform if Spain was to benefit.
    • Taiwanese law requires any local chip company investing in a venture on the mainland to declare the fact.
    • Although it is close to the mainland, it used to be cut off for weeks at a time during stormy weather.
    • It concerns a small community who hear that a film production is to take place on the mainland.
    • A decade ago, private art collectors on the mainland were virtually unheard of.