Traducción de make en Español:


hacer, v.

Pronunciación /meɪk/

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verbo transitivo made, made

  • 1

    (to produce)
    (paint/cars) hacer
    (paint/cars) fabricar
    (dress) hacer
    (dress) confeccionar formal
    (meal/cake/sandwich/coffee) hacer
    (meal/cake/sandwich/coffee) preparar
    (film) hacer
    (film) rodar
    (record) grabar
    (fire/nest/hole) hacer
    (list/will) hacer
    to make sth into sth
    to make sth out of/from/of sth
    → see also difference,
    to make a noise hacer ruido
    • to make the beds hacer las camas
    • to make a note of sth anotar algo
    • made with the best ingredients hecho con los mejores ingredientes
    • made in Spain/Mexico hecho / fabricado en España/México
    • made in Argentina/Peru industria / fabricación argentina/peruana
    • it's made a stain on the carpet ha manchado la alfombra
    • she's as sharp as they make 'em es lista / viva como ella sola
    • Dad used to make a big deal about getting the fireworks, while Chris and I made a bonfire.
    • Some years ago I met up with an estate agent who loved making fires.
    • They left the car by the side of the road, and ventured a bit into the forest, where they made a fire.
    • Congress, under the Constitution, is the body that makes laws and regulations governing the armed forces.
    • She had to pose for photographs and drawings were made from the pictures.
    • The chosen man was instructed to make a will and briefed on how he would die.
    • What would be great is if everybody pooled their images and made a new book.
    • The film is expected to be released by next year and is being made by Titan films.
    • I was helping a friend work on a video she was making, a very abstract adaptation of that play.
    • The international cooperation needed to make such a film must be unprecedented.
    • He also plays electronic music and writes and makes his own short films.
    • She made a list of supplies and groceries and stared at the balance in her checkbook.
    • This film has been made by the guy who gave us The Lawnmower Man and Rush Hour.
    • Before talking to the family, make a list of the points you want to discuss.
    • The issue of making a Constitution that will stand the test of time is neither here nor there.
    • Videos were made of their activities and circulated to members.
    • He has made many recordings as a trumpet soloist; this is my first encounter with him as a conductor.
    • Having found this new shorter format so captivating I set about making my own short film.
    • Will they make a CD of those songs from the show?
    • The film will be made in conjunction with the website Moving South and the Hayward Gallery.
    • It is reported that the couple want to make a Hollywood film of their story.
    • Although I've made a will, it didn't even occur to me at the time to leave anything to charity.
    • Just about every tenor has made recordings similar to these, and there's no reason why Domingo shouldn't follow the pack.
    • We set up our trusty camp-cooker in the empty kitchen and made coffee which we drank outside.
    • He got fruit ready for my lunch and made my breakfast.
    • I find the flesh of the sweet potato makes a lovely smooth gnocchi so I often make this dish for supper.
    • She goes off and makes a hot drink, carefully adds ice cubes to stop it being too hot, and brings it upstairs.
    • CJ told me on the phone yesterday that he'd made himself a meal of tikka masala sauce.
    • Rose left Karrie to making the drinks, and came over to sit on the sofa at the other end to her husband.
    • This means having food ready in the freezer to whip out and reheat, or dishes that can be made in advance and kept warm.
    • Who is the man who makes a complicated French dish and videotapes it at the same time?
    • Sam had taught her to make a few basic meals and she had found that she rather enjoyed cooking.
    • I got back in time to make a big vegetable curry which will last many days.
    • Emily came back an hour ago, stating that she was going to make everyone lunch.
    • She turned to make herself a drink, and was surprised to find the coffee jar almost empty.
    • The new café has expanded on its old range with more meals made to order and Mediterranean platters.
    • This dark, spicy, autumnal dish can be made two or three days in advance and kept in the fridge.
    • I came in a little late for the pork chop dish he was making, but I saw enough to want to give it a try.
    • These guys can make all these non-veg dishes using soya, mushrooms and beancurd.
    • Fear not, I have a quick and simple meal that you can make that they'll think you bought!
    • It is one of the few dishes I make that he eats without asking for extra anchovies.
    • I had to cook something I could make after work, and I had an old electric range with only two rings working.
    • I was exhausted when I got to Neil's, but looking forward to the lovely chicken he'd made for dinner.
    • His famous vacuum cleaner is made from clear plastic, allowing the owner to see all of the working parts.
    • He was making something out of a piece of scrap wood.
    • The remaining aircraft will be brought back into service as new hubs are made.
    • His house was made of mud and had been almost wiped out, but his fence was perfect.
    • To celebrate their last day youngsters made their own decorated hats to wear for the occasion.
    • The roof is made of high quality fabric, and when tucked away, folds into three layers on top of one another.
    • The propeller is made of extruded, glass-filled nylon and is the usual propeller shape.
    • To begin to understand how any wine is made we must first look at the composition of the grape.
    • The body is made of millions of cells, most of them linked together to form tissues.
    • A silage heap surrounded by the bales also caught fire and a fire break was made using a mechanical digger.
    • We take our water and mix it with malted barley or grain to make a drink called whisky.
    • The pommel by and large defines the date of the sword and the site where it was most likely to have been made.
    • The joke, of course, is that the toothbrush is made out of even harder plastic than the packaging.
    • You should see the size of the chandeliers here, they must have been made specially.
    • Fleece is made from polyester and is designed to feel soft, warm and elastic.
    • The West Indian sauce is made from the exceedingly hot scotch bonnet pepper.
    • A lab that annually makes or uses 100g or more of these chemicals must declare them.
    • At the moment he is only using what he can make from domestically available materials.
    • All the great white wines are made from Chardonnay, all the great reds from Pinot Noir.
    • He followed this by sitting down and making a besom - a brush made from birch twigs.
  • 2

    • 2.1(to carry out)

      (repairs/changes/payment) hacer
      (repairs/changes/payment) efectuar formal
      (preparations/arrangements) hacer
      (journey/visit) hacer
      to make a mistake cometer un error
      • let's make a deal hagamos un trato
      • we made our escape at nightfall nos escapamos al anochecer
      • make a left (turn) here dobla / gira a la izquierda aquí
      • A spokesman said the changes had been made after the company had taken on board comments at a public meeting about the original proposals.
      • Officers made one arrest and a dog-handling unit was brought in to assist the hunt for others.
      • Paul makes a long boring speech, telling everyone to side with commercial development.
      • We are trying to get them done as speedily as we can and making every effort to bring them to a quick conclusion.
      • An unsuccessful attempt had also been made to set fire to the main shop building.
      • My shoes made a soft crunching sound as they crushed the dry, brown grass beneath them.
      • He moved towards me quietly, his eyes fixed on mine, his footsteps making no sound on the tiled floor.
      • No decision had yet been made on whether to expand the use of such cameras, he said.
      • They are against the Bill and hope to make changes before it reaches its final reading.
      • A decision has yet to be made over whether Corbet Close will join the regeneration scheme.
      • There is no opening speech from the prosecution and neither side makes closing speeches.
      • The announcement was made after a proposal from the mayor at the town council meeting on Tuesday.
      • Sounds to me like you need to make a good few trips to your local charity shop.
      • Perez declared flatly that he had made a mistake bringing Queiroz to the club in the first place.
      • There are two critical mistakes an organization can make after an attack that can compromise a successful forensic investigation.
      • After all, this is a area where subjective judgements are often made behind closed doors.
      • There is a famous tradition of creative breakthroughs being made after a good night's sleep.
      • It depends on what kind of deliberation we expect out of the candidates over the coming weeks and the decisions they make after they're elected.
      • Business is so good that Yuen and her partner have to make trips twice a week to bring in new stock.
      • I also think that the direct service components in particular help us keep perspective in the choices that we make after we're finished in college.
      • Several arrests were made after officers found campers carrying weapons.

    • 2.2

      (remark/joke/announcement/promise) hacer
      to make a speech pronunciar un discurso
      • may I make a suggestion? ¿puedo hacer una sugerencia?
      • Two senators have complained that you made derogatory remarks about them, and they're asking that you tone it down.
      • If the parties are unable to agree on costs, written submissions may be made to me.
      • How kind of you to take the trouble to write and make such a tempting invite.
      • One can only imagine the offers and entreaties made to screenwriter Simon Beaufoy.
      • His competitiveness was legendary, and as hard as he was on himself, he made impossible demands on his son.
      • When an offer was made, even though the union considered it to be an insult, the union did not put it to a vote.
      • Such a person can be held for six months, then another six, and another, as long as the request is made.
      • He made his remarks in a BBC interview earlier this week.
      • She said he requested the ministry to make such an inquiry in one case last November.
      • An official request has been made to the county council chairman for an extraordinary meeting.
      • I'm not crazy about the title, but Denning does make some very interesting points.
      • It has been an interesting experience and I have a few observations to make after years of reader feedback.
      • I'm at a point right now that if somebody makes me an offer to sell out, I'm likely to listen.
      • Reportedly, he's close to a deal with the Giants, while the Yankees have yet to make an offer.
      • In this post, he makes some very interesting and intelligent remarks about underage drinking.
      • There is one point that Mrs Wood makes that I cannot agree with, however.
      • I was born and bred in Liverpool and I have to say that I agree with the comments made in The Spectator.
      • The council hopes neighbours will work at reaching a settlement before making a formal complaint.
      • If you do wish to make a brief closing comment, this is the point at which you have that opportunity.
      • But there is one response I do want to make after reading his article several times.

  • 3

    (to cause sth to be)
    I'll make you happy/rich/famous te haré feliz/rica/famosa
    • don't make life difficult for yourself no te compliques la vida
    • that made me sad eso me entristeció / me apenó
    • the work made me thirsty/sleepy el trabajo me dio sed/sueño
    • do I make myself clear? ¿me explico?
    • what makes me angry is … lo que me da rabia es …
    • make yourselves comfortable pónganse cómodos
    • make yourself at home estás en tu casa
    • they made their decision public hicieron pública su decisión
    • I couldn't make myself heard above the noise no podía conseguir que me oyeran con el ruido
    • winning the gold made her the darling of the nation el haber ganado la medalla de oro la convirtió en la niña mimada del país
    • they've made him supervisor lo han nombrado supervisor
    • he made her his wife la hizo su esposa
    • I made their relationship the subject of my book hice de su relación el tema de mi libro
    • I shall make it my business to find out yo me ocuparé / me encargaré de averiguarlo
    • she made it a rule never to drink more than three glasses of wine tenía por norma no beber nunca más de tres vasos de vino
    • if nine o'clock is too early, make it later si las nueve es muy temprano, podemos reunirnos (or encontrarnos etc.) más tarde
    • two large pizzas … , no, make that three dos pizzas grandes … , no, mire, mejor déme tres
    • he is a good, make that great, athlete es un buen, o mejor dicho, un excelente atleta
  • 4

    • 4.1(to cause to)

      the heat made us sweat el calor nos hacía sudar
      • don't make me laugh no me hagas reír
      • whatever made you do it? ¿por qué lo hiciste?
      • now look what you've made me do! ¡mira lo que me has hecho hacer!
      • you've made me forget what I was going to say me has hecho olvidar lo que iba a decir
      • it makes you wonder te da que pensar ¿verdad?
      • it makes me want to scream me dan ganas de ponerme a gritar
      • One of the steps in making my flat ready for sale is the redecoration of the entire place.
      • The strong cast is what makes this sometimes mediocre material work as well as it does.
      • This is not the kind of speech to make a deeply unpopular leader any more popular.
      • Oil heated past its smoke point usually emits a bluish smoke and makes food taste burnt.
      • So I grew my hair very long, took up smoking and tried my hardest to make everyone laugh.
      • Drew laughed softly to herself, a laugh that made Devlin wonder if she was laughing at him.
      • Every time I saw his face, it made my loss all the keener.
      • The steering is light and makes the car very easy to place and manoeuvre around tight spaces.
      • Work has been under way in recent weeks to make Walmgate ready for the changes.
      • The ultimate aim is to spread the message of laughter, by making others laugh and become happy.
      • The river was low and clear with good light making everything clearly visible.
      • The council is now looking for new sponsors to come on board to join existing ones and help make the show a huge success.
      • The blend of old and new features makes this a stylish home with character.
      • All credit to them for improving our Christmas lights and making Keighley very colourful.
      • It is a means to an end and exists to make life that little bit easier.
      • With the first Toy Story film our idea was that toys are made to be played with, that they exist to make children happy.
      • The meeting also heard of the problems and costs related to making the village's existing memorials safe.
      • The decision makes her eligible for parole after serving only half, rather than two thirds, of her sentence.
      • If this bald truth makes any one of us feel uncomfortable, we can take some solace in knowing we are not the only species to exploit the lie.
      • The other physics teacher, Mr. Meyer, actually makes the class interesting.

    • 4.2(to compel)

      obligar a
      you can't make me go no puedes obligarme a ir
      • you must make her see a doctor tienes que hacer que vaya al médico
      • she was made to apologize la obligaron a / la hicieron pedir perdón
      • When a certain group tried to make us give into pressure, they were chased away by the ones in power.
      • He directed me to get out of the car and made me walk a straight line.
      • His mother Jacqueline resorted to emotional blackmail to try to make him stop.
      • We were always being made to wait for appointments on the scanner at Scarborough.
      • If everyone is made to carry ID cards it will foster the idea that we are all under suspicion.
      • The image was too shocking to be used in any publicity designed to make drivers slow down.
      • Training didn't make me drink less, but it certainly made the hangovers less painful.
      • They made me drive out to Verdun, took all my money, my car, and left me out on the street.
      • Unfortunately, we had an awkward situation during the race that made us lose the position.
      • Even big, subsidised companies have been made to juggle sponsorships and have success.
      • I haven't seen it before and try to make myself show some interest whilst cooking dinner.
      • So, tomorrow sees the start of looking at the reading list, and making myself go find books again.
      • He made me drink this glass of chalky, orangey liquid, insisting that it would make me feel better.
      • I once travelled in the back of a van and the girl driving made me lie flat on the floor to prevent any passing police seeing me.
      • She was not happy about traveling because her mother always made her dress up.
      • I'm really not proud of what we did to this kid, but peer pressure makes you do weird things.
      • You guys made me drive all over LA because you spotted someone whom you thought was a celebrity.
      • Maybe this unexpected surge in sales might even make him reconsider his position.
      • My parents kept goats when I was young, and they tried to make me drink the milk.
      • His editorials claim that the men had been made to stay in the open along with their wives and children despite the torrential rain.

  • 5

    • 5.1(to be, to constitute)

      perfume makes the ideal gift el perfume es el regalo ideal
      • it would make a nice change sería un cambio agradable
      • you'd make a useless nurse como enfermera serías un desastre
      • you'll make sb a good husband/wife! serás un buen marido/una buena esposa para algn
      • he made a rather unlikely Falstaff su Falstaff era poco convincente
      • they make a nice couple hacen buena pareja
      • the documentary makes fascinating viewing es un documental fascinante de ver
      • In fact, as the months go by I have begun to see that Hilary would make a far finer wife than the errant Stella.
      • As a former forward I've my own ideas about what makes a great forward.
      • With her long features and battered trilby, she also makes a plausibly boyish Ganymede.
      • If a man wipes his feet on the door mat before coming into the room, you may be sure he will make a good domestic husband.
      • The apple puff pancake makes a delightful brunch dish - or a unique supper dessert.
      • He's not just my long-term life partner; he makes a fine hot water bottle too.
      • The Alsatian makes a fine herding animal and is a certain winner in obedience trials.
      • This makes a great dinner-party dish as it can be prepared a day ahead.
      • We didn't realise at the time that a car seat also makes a very fine rocking chair.
      • He would have made a great prime minister, if only the media would have gone easier on him.
      • If there were more money in it, he would clearly have made an astute, if waspish critic.
      • This rice dish is a meal in itself and makes a lovely summer lunch dish, served warm or at room temperature.
      • Now, at 10 months, she would make a fine family pet and could be quite happily kept in a garage.
      • This image of A Cold Christmas Day would make a really fine Xmas card.
      • I wish it were as light and soft as it looks; then it would make a really interesting new kind of mattress.
      • Baker makes an effective human hero and Adams an interesting ally.

    • 5.2(to equal, to amount to)

      five plus five makes ten cinco y cinco son diez
      • sixteen ounces make one pound dieciséis onzas son una libra
      • that makes ten of us, including you con eso somos diez, contándote a ti
      • This makes the third time I have started this letter and always something comes up to interfere with its writing.
      • Rachael and Stephanie make a mean sisterly duo on the hill rally circuit.
      • We made a pretty good team.
      • The idea of Satan and God waging a bet makes a pretty interesting story.
      • The results of the survey will make depressing reading for the company's beleaguered shareholders.
      • Tell them that one and one make two, and they'll insist it makes three.
      • It usually takes at least two or three people to order enough dishes to make a good Chinese meal.
      • The history of this fish and its value to Ireland makes an interesting and readable record.
      • This is true, interesting and important, but doesn't make much of a blog posting.
      • Roughly eight million bits make a megabyte.
      • The diary makes a very interesting read, and the author has an admirable sense of humour.

  • 6

    • 6.1(to gain, to earn)

      they made millions/a lot of money hicieron millones/mucho dinero
      • they made a loss/profit perdieron/ganaron dinero
      • they made a profit of $20,000 ganaron / sacaron 20.000 dólares
      • how much did you make on the deal? ¿cuánto sacaste / ganaste con el trato?
      • top salespeople make up to £900 a week los mejores vendedores sacan / ganan hasta 900 libras por semana
      • the owner of this bar must be making a fortune el dueño de este bar tiene que estar haciendo una fortuna

    • 6.2(to acquire)

      (friends) hacer
      I made a few acquaintances there conocí a algunas personas allí
      • Being an artist is a way to get my songs out there, but labels are looking to make money and a profit.
      • Edwards has made a fortune as a lawyer.
      • He makes millions of dollars a year!
      • Descended from a long line of watchmakers, he makes a living designing timepieces.
      • For the rest of his life he struggled to find time and energy to compose while making a living as a teacher and performer.
      • There is a community which makes a pretty good living out of ironing clothes alone.
      • There's a lot of profit to be made if the volumes of the sale are particularly huge.
      • When things got really bad I would buy a wreck, do it up and make a bigger profit.
      • Any money they make after they've paid back the loan can either be put back into the business or kept.
      • The only person who will gain will be some landlord who will make money from his rent.
      • Until a couple of years ago it was making a million pounds profit a day and enjoyed high customer satisfaction ratings.
      • Put at its most simple, private companies exist to make profit for their share holders.
      • He was duped into thinking he would make a huge profit by buying jewels being brought into Britain.
      • He claimed that he made little or no money from the deals and passed most of the cash to the detective.
      • They will make money and bring us lots of other benefits too, the promoters promise.
      • New growth companies make their money by bringing a fresh approach to the business world.
      • I don't intend to live at my daughter's flat or benefit from any profit she may make when selling it.
      • If they do make a surplus that money goes back into the school to provide bursaries or development projects.
      • If those companies believed there were profits to be made, they were right.
      • Their popularity showed that there was money to be made by appealing to the baser instincts of young men.

    • 6.3(in cards)

      (contract) cumplir
      to make a trick ganar una baza
      • On the other hand, if a declarer makes no tricks, it is a match against her.
      • As an added complication, no sequence can be counted until its holder has actually made a trick.
      • If a defender made one or more tricks, he subtracts one point for each trick.
      • You win less or lose more than you would by playing solo 8 and making the same number of tricks.
      • A contract to make 12 tricks is known as a small slam.

    • 6.4(in US football)

      (yardage) adelantar

  • 7

    (to calculate)
    what do you make the total? ¿(a ti) cuánto te da?
    • I make it 253 (a mí) me da 253
    • what time do you make it, what do you make the time? ¿qué hora tienes?
  • 8

    • 8.1(to understand, to make out)

      to make sth of sth
      • I could make nothing of the message
      • make of that what you will
      • What time do you make it?
      • I make it - what? A hundred fifty yards to the bend?
      • We are currently at 13,000, excuse me, make that 14,200 feet above sea level, looking out over a sea of clouds.

    • 8.2(to think)

      to make sth of sb/sth
      • what did you make of him?
      • I don't know what to make of it

  • 9

    (to make a fuss of)
    they like to make a lot of their grandchildren les gusta mimar mucho a sus nietos
    • I think you're making too much of what she said creo que le estás dándo demasiada importancia a lo que dijo
    • do you want to make something of it? ¿estás buscando pelea?
  • 10coloquial

    • 10.1(to manage to attend, reach)

      to make it
      • she made it fairly late in her career
      • they made it through to the finals
      • you're good enough to make it to the top
      I'm afraid I can't make Saturday me temo que el sábado no puedo
      • I couldn't make it to the party no pude ir a la fiesta
      • we just made the 3 o'clock train llegamos justo a tiempo para el tren de las tres
      • the deadline's on Friday and we're not going to make it el plazo vence el viernes y no vamos a poder terminar
      • we should make London by two o'clock deberíamos estar en Londres antes de las dos
      • I just made it home before it started to rain llegué a casa justo antes de que empezara a llover
      • she won't make her 60th birthday at this rate como siga así / si sigue así, no va a llegar a los 60 / a cumplir 60
      • the story made the front page la noticia salió en primera plana
      • he never made more than assistant manager nunca pasó de subgerente
      • The only way we could make it on time was to start driving on Thanksgiving Day and keep going way into the night.
      • Seems he and Abi had a gig and it was such short notice that his band couldn't make it.
      • If I can get to Hammersmith by twenty to one in the morning I can make the very last train into Richmond.
      • It's too bad that I can't make her party tomorrow night.
      • She only makes it to the terminal thanks to two blokes in a red pickup truck who give her a lift.
      • He wasn't in so much of a hurry to leave and managed to kiss and hug us all before being shunted off to make his plane.
      • I will have to travel a distance to make it there and do not want to find it closed upon arrival.
      • What will be done to improve them and when can we expect to start making it to our classes on time?
      • Sorry to mess you around, but I am not in the office again today so will not be able to make the meeting.
      • Due to some fab driving and running three red lights we made it with two minutes to spare.
      • Only thing is, we now have to get back to Wimbledon to pick up the car to make a 1pm lunch date in Folkestone!

    • 10.2argot (to have sex with)

      acostarse con
      tirarse malsonante
      coger México, Río de la Plata malsonante
      • He never tried to make her, never laid a hand on her.
      • He drove a Ferrari, he had long hair, and rumour had it he had even made it with a girl!
      • Is it possible that this is just a guy on the make, doing everything he can, just to make it with a woman?

  • 11

    (to assure the success of)
    this is the movie that made him esta es la película que lo consagró
    • her performance really made the play en realidad fue su actuación la que hizo de la obra un éxito
    • the hat really makes the whole outfit el conjunto no sería lo que es sin el sombrero
    • if you go to Harvard, you're made for life si vas a Harvard, tienes el futuro asegurado

verbo intransitivo made, made

  • 1EEUU argot, anticuado

    (to pretend)
    make like you're real dumb hazte el idiota
  • 2

    (to move, to proceed)
    → see also make for
    they made toward the door se dirigieron hacia la puerta
    • I made towards the most colourful hut, which was obviously a bar though I couldn't see a name on it.
    • Stepping down from the spire he made towards the door, when suddenly he heard voices from below.
    • He made towards the window and sat down in the chair closest to it, panting.
    • Mom was the first to get up from her seat and made toward the door.


  • 1

    marca femenino
    what make is it? ¿de qué marca es?
    • There are many different makes and models of reel, which can be used for this type of zander fishing.
    • Yet it was really the Morris Minor of 1928 that established the make in the public eye.
    • To be a pilot you need to know aerodynamics and a bit about the engines but you don't need to know the make of the fuel pump.
    • The first was as Purdey, the New Avengers character reputedly named after a make of shotgun.
    • Now I know my size in two makes of bra I can shop online - oh the safety of that.
    • We all demand different qualities in a regulator and find these in various makes.
    • Why won't the music industry embrace the ringtone market by generating multiple formats for the Top 40, ensuring pop sounds for every make of phone?
    • It should be an interesting race with the key factor being the influence of temperature on both makes of tyres.
    • The owners of the building refused to reveal which makes of toys had been stored at the warehouse.
    • Also the merits of the different makes of computer processor were being bantered around.
    • Vehicles of all makes and models whizzed by as the freighter passed over them.
    • The range of makes and models on offer, Orton said, had a visible impact on visitor numbers.
    • The statistics include registrations of various makes which compete with each other.
    • There are many proprietary makes of planer on the market but they are all basically the same.
    • He paces around in a panic comparing makes and models of everything and anything as if his life depended upon it.
    • Many racers drive certain makes or models because they love the look or feel of the car.
    • Mark your property with a UV marker pen and take details of the make and model when you buy it.
    • The frame is UFS which makes it compatible with many other makes of frame out there.
    • They were different makes and models, but all of them should have been painted yellow.
    • With so many makes, models and marques on the market, how on earth do you choose which one?