Translation of manage in Spanish:


dirigir, v.

Pronunciation /ˈmænɪdʒ/ /ˈmanɪdʒ/

Definition of dirigir in Spanish

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1Business

      (company/bank/store/office) dirigir
      (company/bank/store/office) administrar
      (company/bank/store/office) gerenciar Latin America
      (staff/team) dirigir
      (land/finances/fund) administrar
      who manages this branch? ¿quién es el director / gerente de esta sucursal?
      • I have just been promoted to supervisor in an insurance-claims office, managing a staff of 15.
      • Mr Main has been head chef there for two years, managing a kitchen staff of 16.
      • The sisters discovered that managing a staff of 15 with entrenched work practices was not easy.
      • In his new position, Schaller manages the 13 people on the political staff, Lukens said.
      • Staff are managed to meet transaction quotas and keep calls short.
      • And of course, the longer the delay, the harder it became to manage an increasingly mutinous staff.
      • Let's face it, managing a staff of fitness instructors is not a typical administrative job.
      • I am obviously a manager and I want to manage my staff regardless of their colour, their sexuality, their gender.
      • But the way it manages its own staff is also seen as critical.
      • Here's how several CEOs build and manage their staff.
      • What has allowed Catmull to manage Pixar's eccentric staff is his nearly egoless leadership.
      • This meant clients provided space for the auditors and helped to manage the staff working for them, he said.
      • If you own or manage staff in a small-to-mid size company, it would pay you great dividends to set aside some money for training.
      • He joined Starwood last year to take up his post at the Westin, where he will manage a staff of 170.
      • At that time it was not anticipated that he would be managing any floor staff.
      • They must manage the news staff in ways that enable individuals to achieve full potential in their jobs.
      • Stick to deadlines, practice good time management, and learn how to manage a staff.
      • In August 1997, I was accused of being unfit to organise meetings and manage staff.
      • As site supervisor, she also manages the operators, including the two partners.
      • David Drebberman from River Murray Water, manages the staff who control the locks and barrages.
      • Free access to additional borrowings can make life easy for those who manage their money sensibly, but prove a disaster for spendthrifts.
      • This should serve as a grim warning to those poised to embark on their university careers of the need to manage their money sensibly.
      • The back office mobilises financial resources and manages funds.
      • Many families say they do not have enough money to save, but if you manage your money tightly spare cash is usually available.
      • However, it is important to set up a trust fund to manage this money.
      • First, you must manage your money in a sensible way to accumulate wealth.
      • An Action Aid survey found that most farmers did not have the expertise, time or funds to manage water resources properly.
      • It oversees banks and thrifts, manages the nation's money, and influences the economy.
      • I have made the choice to be a farmer and to manage a finite renewable resource such as water.
      • It enables district and regional councils to manage New Zealand's resources on land, water, sky and sea.
      • Representative payees helped respondents manage money and pay rent in a timely fashion.
      • More worrying are signs that banks are losing patience with sensible, responsible customers who manage our money properly and do not get into debt.
      • You tell me to always serve warm rolls wrapped in a fresh napkin and to never let a man manage all of my money.
      • Though the scale may be different, everybody else with money to manage is looking at a similar picture right now.
      • It found that students worry about leading an independent life, dealing with antisocial flatmates and managing their finances.
      • Focus on experiences pertinent to operating and managing a farm business as well as community activities that you and your family are involved in.
      • The business is managed by son Robert and daughters Helen and Jane.
      • The elder son Ashok manages the business while the younger son helps him.
      • In some cases mergers might be driven by the desire of business leaders to manage a larger entity, and perhaps to operate at a global, rather than local, level.
      • One active owner manages the business; the other oversees engineering.
      • These advisors help the firms to manage their businesses to compete more effectively in market-driven economies.
      • It is run by adults with learning disabilities, giving them the opportunity to manage their own business.
      • It is run by my mom, who retired from being a college professor at Colgate to manage the organization full-time.
      • The NES is a part-time business development programme aimed at anyone wanting to start and manage their own business.
      • Adaptive Venture Managers was created in 1995 to invest in and manage small businesses with new product ideas.
      • She describes her achievement as due to a phenomenal ability to plan, organize and manage a type of business which is traditionally run by men.
      • A Cooperative enterprise involves a group of people who combine resources to run and manage a business or a social organisation.
      • He relied upon his close-knit clan not only to manage the business at auxiliary plants but also to oversee the company crèches and schools.
      • Jeremy was managing his father's business in January 1998 when the two pigs broke loose.
      • Here students learn to wriggle out of complex situations while managing a business.
      • I'll never understand how you managed an emerging business and emerging family at the same time.
      • In fact, it is essential that such a business is managed by the whole community.
      • He had been driving to the premises with Basharat, who was due to manage the business, when the collision occurred near Samlesbury Hall.
      • Now, you can manage an organization like that, but you have to understand the limits of what they can do.
      • It is not enough to tell the merchant to manage his business properly.
      • If family forest owners can convince the public that they are managing their lands for long-term sustainability, they believe that can lead to reduced regulations.
      • In exchange, the landowners manage their land to provide habitat for the desired species.
      • Family forest landowners (often known as tree farmers) take pride in managing their lands.
      • Holmes' department is making moves to better manage the land that most Australians write off as useless.
      • Richard uses this training and his experience to suggest how a parcel of land should be managed.
      • While some farming cooperatives such as Nueva Vida are managing their lands wisely, others are tempted by the financial rewards of large-scale logging.
      • In fact, the divide is much more practical, between those who would manage our land and those who would not.
      • Larry Walton, whose team is still managing the land under a short-term timber supply contract, admits the prospects of the state assuming control make him nervous.
      • The landowner specifically sought Specht out as a tenant because he wanted an organic farmer managing his land.
      • New South Wales State Forests own and manage the land on which the experiment is situated.
      • How we manage the private land between these fragments of remnant vegetation is more important than what we do inside the islands of bushland.
      • A volunteer group has voted to continue managing the Seven Fields Nature reserve
      • Our coach was Paul Hart, who now manages Nottingham Forest, and you didn't mess with him.
      • I think that Forestry Tasmania manages the forest.
      • The fact is that both the old parties are a disaster when it comes to managing Victoria's forests.
      • This case study demonstrates the holistic approach that Coillte is taking to managing its forests.
      • The independent review of the Regional Forest Agreement has found that we are managing our forests sustainably.

    • 1.2(manipulate)

      (news/statistics) manipular

  • 2

    (handle, cope with)
    (children) manejar
    (children) controlar
    (household) llevar
    (household) administrar
    (horse) manejar
    (horse) dominar
    he seems unable to manage his life parece incapaz de organizar su vida
    • the situation was more than I could manage no pude con la situación
    • she managed the interview all right se desenvolvió bien en la entrevista
    • can you manage those suitcases on your own? ¿puedes con esas maletas tú sola?
    • she can't manage the stairs no puede subir la escalera
    • They were spooked, but found a way to manage him.
    • His mother cannot manage him due to his problems and there were also fears for his safety in the community if he was released, the court had also heard.
    • It broke my heart to put her in there but doctors told me I wouldn't be able to manage her.
  • 3

    (indicating success, achievement)
    to manage to + inf lograr / poder + inf
    despite a poor start, he managed second place a pesar de que no empezó muy bien, obtuvo el segundo puesto
    • I can manage 60 words per minute puedo hacer 60 palabras por minuto
    • when do you want it? — can you manage it by lunchtime? ¿para cuándo lo quiere? — ¿lo podrá tener listo para el mediodía?
    • he managed a smile esbozó una sonrisa forzada
    • if you can't manage $5, give what you can afford si no puedes dar cinco dólares, da lo que puedas
    • I can't manage the meeting no puedo / no me es posible ir a la reunión
    • can you manage another helping? ¿te sirvo un poco más?
    • we could manage one more in the back atrás cabría una persona más

intransitive verb

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  • 2

    can I help you? — thank you, I can manage ¿me permite que la ayude? — gracias, yo puedo sola
    • how's she managing on her own? ¿qué tal se las arregla sola?
    • they have to manage on $300 a week tienen que arreglarse / arreglárselas con 300 dólares a la semana
    • we can manage without them/their help podemos arreglarnos / arreglárnoslas sin ellos/sin su ayuda