Translation of mane in Spanish:


crin, n.

Pronunciation /meɪn/

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    (of horse) crin feminine
    (of horse) crines feminine
    (of lion, person) melena feminine
    • She was a lovely, motherly old lady with a mane of white hair wound into a compact bun.
    • It was particularly agonising for Michael, who had spent months growing his flowing mane.
    • The man was a giant, with a large flowing mane of jet black hair and a beard to match.
    • A long mane of white hair fell down his back, and curled around the silver amulet hanging from his neck.
    • An unpretentious man, he even kept his hair slicked down because, as he said in 1977, he could not stand musicians who affected dramatic manes of hair.
    • He had a thick mane of dark hair, usually slicked back but at times becomingly tousled.
    • One girl in a blue sari was now shaking her long mane of hair backwards and forwards as she was seized by a series of impossible convulsions.
    • It seems an unfair epitaph to bear, but his elbow is now fixed almost as firmly in the nation's mind as his mane of blond hair.
    • Tall and beautiful with a mane of golden hair, she was a publicity agent's dream.
    • Sweeping back his mane of greying hair, the former Boomtown Rats singer shook his head.
    • Ivano, his mane of hair tucked under a grey woolly hat, prefers to work with the attackers.
    • Slick eye make-up and a loose mane of hair complete the predatory look.
    • With his flowing blond mane, he was a naturally flamboyant figure and he backed it up with his deeds on the pitch.
    • Deep down, I think most women have at some point yearned for a mane of long, blonde hair.
    • One of her most distinctive features has to be that long mane of hair which reaches down to her ankles.
    • That lustrous mane of jet-black hair is steel-grey now, and swept back from his brow.
    • A braided band of leather lies across her forehead to hold back her white, thick mane.
    • He turned a saw a petite woman with a thick mane of wavy black hair that traveled just past her shoulders.
    • All he sees is the rich mane of chestnut hair cascading around her perfect face.
    • She sat at the desk next to Jacob, and pushed her mane of hair off to the side.
    • Male lions develop thick woolly manes on the neck and shoulders, signifying maturity.
    • Most species have a mane on the neck and a lock of hair on the forepart of the head known as a forelock.
    • A lion with a majestic mane has long been a trophy coveted by big game hunters in Africa.
    • There was light snow falling, and it caught in the horses' manes and actors' hair.
    • Three year-old male lions grow manes that vary in color from black to blond.
    • The former also has long hair on the back of its neck, in the same place as the mane of a horse but shorter.
    • She lifted herself onto the back of the mare and buried her fingers into the mane of the horse.
    • Thus, she kept her gaze up as she stroked the silky mane of her new horse.
    • So the three of us climbed aboard with the child in front taking the reins and clutching the mane of the horse for balance.
    • The lion shook his mane, rushed towards the creature and wounded it.
    • Two young stable boys with pointed ears and long manes of black hair grabbed the reins of their horses and steadied the animals as the riders dismounted.
    • The horses hurtled past, manes streaming behind them.
    • Lena's eyes narrowed against the harsh glare of the sun gleaming off the backs and manes of several horses in the surrounding pastures.
    • The Master smiled, and simply watched as Heather combed her fingers through the horses' manes.
    • It came towards the house at an incredible speed, its raven mane tossing wildly in the wind.
    • I patted the horse's dark mane, and shifted my hips slightly so that I was more comfortable.
    • After combing her mane and tail hair, checking her hoofs, and braiding her tail, I began to saddle Candy up.
    • I work my way up his legs and then onto his mane and forelock and lastly his back.
    • I walk her every day, give her the best hay and barley to eat, and brush her mane and coat every day.
    • He swished his narrow head so that his black mane fell behind him, obviously excited.
    • The lions ranged from 1.7 to 18 years old, but age did not turn out to be a factor in mane length or density.