Translation of manufacture in Spanish:


fabricar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌmæn(j)əˈfæk(t)ʃər/ /manjʊˈfaktʃə/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (cars/toys) fabricar
    (cars/toys) manufacturar
    (clothes) confeccionar
    (foodstuffs) elaborar
    (foodstuffs) producir
    manufactured goods productos manufacturados
    • Cultural products were manufactured on a mass scale, marketed by advertising, made ever more accessible by revolutions in technology.
    • MSG is manufactured on a large scale in many countries - total world output is said now to be well over a quarter of a million tonnes per year.
    • Most imitation guns are specifically manufactured to be exact replicas.
    • Last week, a Nottingham firm which manufactures cricket shirts reported rocketing sales of the Pakistan cricket shirt.
    • The family fortune assured from an essential drilling bit manufactured by the firm, he was able to indulge his passion for the motion picture industry.
    • On the suggestion of a friend, he tried his hand at procuring and marketing furniture manufactured by a Bangalore firm.
    • What's creepy about this quote is the context in which it appears on the homepage of a company that manufactures touch screen voting machines in California.
    • Lord Nuffield manufactured hundreds of the machines and they were provided to any hospital which requested one free of charge.
    • The picture is similar in many other countries with firms that export manufactured goods.
    • Machines to manufacture them have a tough task to fulfill.
    • Indeed the first scene takes place at the headquarters of Cybertronics, a private firm that manufactures robots.
    • But the firm, which manufactures real-time electronic systems for use in the logistics industry, suffered in 2003 from a general lack of confidence in the sector.
    • The fake goods being manufactured in this district have been finding their way to various markets in the two states.
    • Albertus worked as an accountant for a firm who manufactured farm machinery, but the great love of his life was music.
    • This was a well-planned crime and you acquired the equipment to manufacture counterfeit notes.
    • High precision work is usually found to be lacking in the various units that manufacture artificial limbs.
    • What company has taken it upon themselves to manufacture fake cat hair and, further, who would want to buy such a thing?
    • Scottish firms could gain additional expertise, access to manufacturing facilities and customers.
    • What if your machine tool dealer decides not to sell you a machine if you intend to manufacture guns on it?
    • It continues to design and sell specialised trailers for the racing car world, but no longer manufactures.
  • 2

    (create artificially)
    (alibi/myth) fabricar
    • Meanwhile, with the parts I had left over I approached Mr Tony and manufactured this news story.
    • But equally certainly it was just the sort of story that would be manufactured by his enemies to do him mischief.
    • All the details of the story turned out to be false and manufactured by the reporter himself.
    • Nor was there any good evidence for it, though plenty was manufactured by innuendo.
    • The theory of mob lynching has been manufactured to hide the facts of this gruesome incident.
    • Under stress, whether real or manufactured, the institutions we take for granted are subject to change.
    • This synthetically manufactured fear is used to gain public sanction for further acts of aggression.
    • When you manufacture consent on artificial reality, to borrow an idiom from Noam Chomsky, you have to make sure that it is certified export quality.
    • He then had to manufacture a fake loan to cover the loan he had agreed.
    • Why are they trying to manufacture a fake identity and selling it off as being cool?
    • The split is a manufactured attempt to create competition, but where's the thrill?


  • 1

    fabricación feminine
    manufactura feminine
    (of clothes) confección feminine
    (of foodstuffs) elaboración feminine
    (of foodstuffs) producción feminine
    the engine is of Italian manufacture el motor es de fabricación italiana
    • Even then, Europe, and particularly Britain, did not have mass manufacture on the scale of the American model.
    • Within these groups there are forms found across the western provinces and beyond, implying large scale manufacture, while others are confined to smaller areas.
    • He examines the style, quality and process of manufacture.
    • Much of that is down to a far-reaching strategic shift away from assembly and basic manufacture to an emphasis on support services.
    • He poses the question: can the process of design carry through into the process of manufacture?
    • He also stated that it was only a small part of the total wastes arising which are attributable to the actual process of manufacture of Trident warheads.
    • At the other end of the process of manufacture, there were merchants who organized the ginning and bowing of the raw cotton and sold the rovings to the spinners.
    • He understood the processes involved in industrial manufacture and the properties of the materials employed.
    • From concept sketch to prototype to mass manufacture, General Motors is digitizing as much of the car-making process as it can.
    • Similarly, they are streamlining manufacture and assembly by buying systems instead of components.
    • This type of construction simplifies manufacture by making it easier to join and regulate the barrels.
    • Oh, there are a few marvels of engineering and manufacture: the spoon, dental floss, and the cutting board, to name a few.
    • Parts imported for the manufacture of textile machinery will also attract five per cent customs duty subject to end-use condition.
    • The manufacture of metal plate armour involves a similar process and range of skills as that involved in the making of helmets.
    • But Ford is understood to be looking closely at overseas manufacture in order to reduce showroom prices and its exposure to unfavourable exchange rates.
    • Just ask the Republican members of the US Congress how they feel about foreign manufacture of US developed high technology.
    • But in these days of Robots and Computer-aided manufacture rather than slave labour, it should be a whole lot more reliable.
    • The manufacture of the sphere needed sophisticated high technology forming and welding, technology not available in New Zealand.
    • They probably can't legislate manufacture, nor anything beyond the first sale after interstate or overseas goods movement.
    • Rhodes, who had taken a great interest in the gun and its manufacture, was present, along with a number of local dignitaries and senior officers of the garrison.
  • 2manufactures plural

    productos manufacturados masculine
    manufacturas feminine
    • The two countries are small players in the world market but have a greater market share in primary products than manufactures.
    • The result of raising taxes on manufactures will directly affect the costs consumers pay.
    • Urbanisation accelerated, and with it Africa's international trade in manufactures and services.
    • The main culprit was the worsening domestic market for manufactures during the recent recession - in particular, a big drop in business investment.
    • This view of trade gains has been at the heart of the process over a long period; England sent manufactures to Australia and received primary products in return.
    • Bulgaria's exports to Jordan consist mainly of fertilisers, chemicals, ferrous metal manufactures, live animals and meat.
    • Australia is not a big enough market for us, so as well as expanding land-based exports to China and the rest of East Asia, we send manufactures and services to the US and Europe.
    • The EU is therefore a customs union: it raises tariffs externally on manufactured imports so that prices are kept up inside the EU for manufactures.
    • We are now a successful exporter of manufactures.
    • Shall domestic manufactures be encouraged, and in what degree, by restrictions on foreign manufactures?
    • World demand for manufactures is limited by world income, and because of agglomeration economies firms will locate in clusters.
    • East Asia is also a major market for Australian manufactures and Australian services.
    • The UK on the other hand absorbed most of its own manufactures and was a comparatively small exporter.