Traducción de many en Español:


muchos, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈmɛni/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      he doesn't have many books no tiene muchos libros
      • did they ask you many difficult questions? ¿te hicieron muchas preguntas difíciles?
      • we got there without too many problems llegamos sin demasiados problemas
      • how many plates/cups do you need? ¿cuántos platos/cuántas tazas necesitas?

    • 1.2

      many problems still remain unsolved falta aún solucionar muchos problemas
      • many years ago hace muchos años
      • I've had as many jobs as you he tenido tantos trabajos como tú
      • she read 15 books in as many days se leyó 15 libros en el mismo número de días
      • I have too many books tengo demasiados libros
      • one chair too many, one too many chairs una silla de más

  • 2

    many a muchos
    • in many an English town en muchas ciudades inglesas


  • 1

    she has some friends, but not many tiene amigos, pero no muchos
    • how many of your colleagues smoke? ¿cuántos/cuántas de tus colegas fuman?
  • 2

    many of the machines are imported muchas de las máquinas son importadas
    • many of us/you muchos de nosotros/de ustedes
    • answer as many of the questions as possible conteste todas las preguntas que pueda
    • I've got twice as many as you tengo el doble que tú
    • as many as 26 are still missing todavía faltan nada menos que 26
    • however many you eat, you still want more te comas las que te comas, te quedas con ganas de comer más
    • I don't want this many yo no quiero tantos/tantas
    • would ten be too many? ¿diez serían demasiados?
    • you've given me one/two too many me has dado uno/dos de más
  • 3

    many would disagree with that opinion muchos no estarían de acuerdo con esa opinión
    • for the good of the many por el bien de la mayoría
    • how many must die before this war finishes? ¿cuántos han de morir antes de que esta guerra se acabe?
    • These parties may win many of their votes on the race issue, but they win very few votes.
    • Over the years, many of those who used to be members have died or live in care homes.
    • Over the past few weeks he has appeared in many of the smaller venues where he started out.
    • Irrespective of that fact, the message of the time is that too many of us use the car too much.
    • It was a time when many of his old so-called friends had dropped him like a hot potato.
    • The council plans to bring in a private partner to run and manage many of its buildings.
    • Worst of all, these were the very questions on the minds of many of the public back home.
    • He is also an expert in solar technology and many of the bus stops will run on solar and wind power.
    • Most of the hard work was done by women, since many of the men had gone off to find employment.
    • You may have weapons he seems to say, but we are still men and there are many of us.
    • At least two of them tend to accompany me on many of my journeys beyond these walls.
    • I can warn you now that many of you are not going to like what I'm going to do with the place.
    • Cycling can and should be used when possible but for many it is simply not a viable option.
    • There is a long way to go yet with these proposals, and possibly many changes to be made.
    • They say the measure of the man is in the number and quality of friends he keeps and John had many.
    • Many errors do not cause harm, but in many ways these are as important as those that do.
    • It is here that many people come as they prepare for their leap of faith across the border.
    • From the point of view of the individual, trial by jury is a good thing for many reasons.
    • The hunt ride was a fixture of the event many years ago, but was reinstated this year.
    • Towneley is the largest of Burnley's many parks and is a jewel in the crown of the town.