Translation of Maoist in Spanish:


maoísta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmaʊəst/ /ˈmaʊɪst/


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    maoísta masculine, feminine
    • They were traveling through the country's mountainous, far-western districts where Maoists have largely taken control.
    • The monarch has suspended civil liberties, supposedly to enable the government to defeat the Maoists.
    • The government held a third round of negotiations with the Maoists in August 2003.
    • The religious foundations of their beliefs range them nearer to contemporary millenarians than to modern Marxists or Maoists.
    • In view of the threat perception from Maoists, the security cover has been tightened.
    • The bulk of the Nepali Maoists' followers are from the lower castes.
    • Meanwhile, the Maoists appealed for a united front against feudal autocracy.
    • The Maoists offered to resume negotiations with the prime minister.
    • The Maoists were able to exploit the temporary power vacuum.
    • Lurking in, or indeed controlling, this beautiful countryside are the Maoists.


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