Translation of map in Spanish:


mapa, n.

Pronunciation /mæp/ /map/

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  • 1

    (of country, region) mapa masculine
    (of town, subway) plano masculine
    (of building) plano masculine
    a map of the world un planisferio
    • The discovery of the city wall remains was not a surprise to the City Council as maps had pinpointed Peter Street as a location for the historic ruins.
    • You have to identify a street with a name, using a map or a road sign.
    • There have been no measures initiated nor a road map charted out, to rectify such fiscal imbalances and to restore balance for long term growth.
    • These directives are based on normal real estate valuation principles and are appended with land maps for each urban area.
    • The exhibition features maps and plans of the proposed regeneration schemes as well as explanations of the designs and the work behind the ideas.
    • In fact, I've been looking at my road map planning my drive up to Sydney, and I realised something.
    • It might be compared with the modern Arnhem Land maps of the same area that I tried to find later, but which were merely a patchwork of uranium leases.
    • A spokesman for the Highways Department arrived with a map with eight road humps marked in for Emily Street and four for Marborough Street.
    • He grabbed a map of the City… and began mapping out an area that he was going to cover in tonight's run.
    • Zonal maps and land use patterns under the master plan will be displayed.
    • Think of how superior a map showing roads, terrain, rivers, and cities is to one showing just a featureless land mass.
    • I found a street map of the whole area, and spent an hour looking at it.
    • Well a map will help of course, but not all city maps are up to date and only the best among them provide an index of city streets.
    • The military planner must have a good local city street map and aerial photos.
    • City council minutes for 1911 and 1912 make no mention of any gift, and city maps do not show a park in that area of town.
    • But the CIA-produced Moscow Street Guide remained by far the best map of the city.
    • The Roads Management Service have put on display the revised maps for the road alterations to be carried out at Harbour Road and Manse Road.
    • The maps represent arbitrary chunks of city terrain; city transit maps are included separately.
    • They will come into place when all the conclusive maps of access land have been published and the Secretary of State has authorised their commencement.
    • But the M25 was closed for maintenance coming back and I was forced ‘off road’ without a map.

transitive verb mapping, mapped, mapped

  • 1

    (region/planet/coastline) trazar el mapa de
    (route) trazar
    • Has he seen the extent of the flood plain in a one in a 100-year flood in this area, as mapped by the Environment Agency?
    • This system maps an area, showing where objects, that might be mines, are.
    • The act gives ramblers the right to walk freely across mapped areas of open country, including mountains, moors and registered common land.
    • Because of the sprawling size of the area to be mapped, preliminary observation was done by car, and then on foot.
    • And yet before the area was properly mapped, mere vigilance was not enough, as the long list of ships wrecked and lives lost proves.
    • This permitted us to map the local jamming area and determine the boundaries of the jamming range.
    • Each time WFCAM maps an area of sky, it will generate an image of over 250 million pixels.
    • We mapped the study area using a compass, range finder, and measuring tape; the map was then analyzed in a digitized format.
    • In-mine mapping revealed a similar degree of erosion down to the coal in parts of all four mapped areas, which were about 1.6 km apart.
    • Although it gets quite frustrating, players will quickly learn that a fair bit of each mapped area is not accessible.
    • The maps also show patterns of cancer that might escape notice if larger areas were mapped.
    • We mapped the area and decided that there was a large prospect up from it about 55 kilometres long.
    • An understanding of coastal landforms and the processes acting upon them can be used to map areas at risk from cliff failure, beach erosion, and flooding.
    • Suppose we map an area and find that it looks like the image at right.
    • He was also to map the area between Pine Creek and the West Australian border.
    • The Chapman Corridor Bushcare Group plans to eventually survey and map the park to provide a picture of the park's flora health.
    • Even if the area is mapped as access land, you will not be able to walk within 20m of a dwelling, or in gardens or courtyards within the curtilage of a property, unless a right of way already exists.
    • Now, with the aid of oil industry technology, the area off Utah and Omaha beaches in Normandy will be mapped, revealing exactly where the tanks were buried.
    • Gabbro Rock outcrops were scattered throughout the preserve but were not mapped because of their small area.
    • If a house was on a noisy street, the realtor would show them one in an area so remote it probably had not yet been mapped.