Translation of market in Spanish:


mercado, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrkət/ /ˈmɑːkɪt/

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  • 1

    (place, gathering) mercado masculine
    (exchange) lonja feminine
    street market mercado
    • the market stalls los puestos del mercado (or del mercadillo etc.)
  • 2

    • 2.1(trading activity)

      mercado masculine
      the property/oil market el mercado inmobiliario/del petróleo
      • the wholesale/retail market el mercado al por mayor/al por menor
      • the export market el mercado de la exportación
      • market opportunity oportunidad de mercado
      • market penetration penetración de mercado
      • market potential potencial de mercado
      • market rent alquiler según la demanda
      • market resistance resistencia del mercado
      • market study estudio de mercado
      • market survey encuesta de mercado
      • market trend tendencia de mercado
      • Despite the rumours and the negative air in the trade, the pub market held its own during the first six months of this year.
      • With the economy slowing, and a flood of tail-end boom cars being traded in, the market is in a state of flux.
      • When any asset becomes that valuable, the market usually responds by trading the asset.
      • This is difficult to square with a stagnant market with ticket sales stuck at 1922 levels till the late 1930s.
      • The services of a CPA firm will be in good demand no matter which way the market or economy goes.

    • 2.2(area of business)

      mercado masculine
      the Japanese market el mercado japonés
      • Science has shown that Canadian beef is safe, yet export markets remain closed.
      • But there is no reason to expect a house price boom - particularly if the labour market and wages growth remain subdued.
      • The labour market remains fairly tight and employers always have to be on the look-out for new sources of employees.
      • Exports to continental EU markets are likely to remain challenging.
      • The exigencies of market forces and the legacy of over-exploited finite resources and deregulated labour markets remain.
      • Today a spokesman for the historic firm said the move followed a decision to focus the business on the commercial market in Leeds.
      • Meanwhile, commercial real estate markets remained weak and new construction was limited.
      • Meanwhile, Spain continues to confound business experts by remaining the biggest market for blended whisky.
      • Many are the companies which have relied heavily on sales into the home market, only to see trends, fashions or buying patterns change.
      • The gorillas' natural habitat has been gradually destroyed to make way for farmland and cash crops for sale on the global market.
      • A leading company is to create 100 new jobs in Southend as part of an ambitious expansion to develop sales in the US market.
      • The company had also diversified sales to different geographical markets, he said.
      • This matches the needs from many regional companies who are indeed delivering the bulk of their sales across the Balkan markets.
      • These showed operating profits trebled to 655m kronor, thanks to stronger global-equity markets and robust sales.
      • It is essentially a cover to force countries to open up their markets for multinational corporations to plunder.
      • What we want to do is make sure that others open their markets so that we can sell them our products and services.
      • But it has refused to budge without balancing pledges from developing states to open their markets to industrial goods.
      • American markets are open to all of the CAFTA Central American countries.
      • This means in effect that you will have the right to sell into their markets as much as you like as long as you don't actually do so - in any quantity, that is.
      • It has also opened up its markets to developing countries.

    • 2.3(demand)

      they have created a market for their products han creado un mercado para sus productos
      • the market for steel la demanda de acero
      • And she doesn't believe there's a market for landscapers in the native-plant industry.
      • There's a market for it and it's kind of a sequel to the cassette culture of the '80s and early '90s.
      • An East Lancashire businessman who has run lap-dancing bars in towns and cities said there simply wasn't a market for it in Blackburn.
      • Malang, like other regional towns of Indonesia, is changing, and a market for new local newspapers is emerging.
      • The rest refuse to accept there is a market for them.
      • There's clearly a market for movies with troubled, hunky young priests investigating Satanic cults at the heart of the Vatican.
      • I think there is definitely a market for someone like me.
      • I guess there must be a market for them amongst old right-wingers or something…
      • There's more of a market for coffee in those two countries but fewer Starbucks per capita.
      • I don't know whether there's a market for that, but why not take a look at it?
      • There definitely are people like myself who have an interest in it, and there's a market for it, as well.
      • There is a market for skilled bricklayers and, as one of the directors said, if he wants to find skilled workers at the moment he has to go through agencies.
      • I think there'll always be a market for programs like Australian Idol, but the hype will die down eventually.
      • After much deliberation and assessment of the need for the project it was decided that there was a market for a unit of this nature.
      • It struck me that there would be a market for a movie parent-baby event.
      • The implication was that there was a market for stolen goods.
      • We were creating a market for natural gas and electricity that had never existed before.
      • If they are run properly and legally, and there's a market for them, I can't see the problem.
      • Sure, there's a market for it - but does it have to be that watered down?
      • And this would have provided the market for whatever the vendors were selling.

  • 3stock market

    bolsa (de valores) feminine
    a rising/falling market un mercado alcista/bajista
    • to corner the market (in sth) hacerse con el mercado (de algo)
    • market analyst analista de mercado
    • market report informe de mercado

transitive verb

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intransitive verb

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    to go marketing ir a hacer la compra