Translation of married in Spanish:


casado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛrid/ /ˈmarɪd/

Definition of casado in Spanish


  • 1

    (man/woman) casado
    a married couple un matrimonio
    • the newly married couple los recién casados
    • married life la vida matrimonial / conyugal / de casado
    • married man's allowance deducción por matrimonio
    • married name nombre de casada
    • married quarters residencias para familias
    • they are happily married son muy felices en su matrimonio
    • they have been married for two years llevan dos años casados
    • he's married es casado
    • he's married to one of my cousins está casado con una prima mía
    • she's married to her work no vive más que para su trabajo
    • to get married (to sb) casarse (con algn)
    • they got married in church se casaron por la iglesia
    • He lives behind his wife and a married daughter.
    • The objector said spouse is a term widely recognized in Georgia as applying only to one's legally married husband or wife.
    • The wives of married troops were also commonly involved with other soldiers, civilians or slave labourers.
    • These then become extended families around a grandmother, her husband, and her married daughters and their husbands.
    • Ideally a dwelling would have parents, children, wives of married sons, and grandchildren.
    • My friend is in a relationship with a married man… the wife already knows but it's causing a lot of pain.
    • For adults, we allocated socioeconomic groups according to the longest held job of single women and the job of a married woman's husband.
    • Adjacent tents will house married sons and their wives and children.
    • He was used to female eyes, a long-ago married man with a wife and teen-age daughter.
    • Somewhere in their conversation she got around to mentioning her husband and her married daughter.
    • He fled to Britain in 1999, when he faced a death sentence in his homeland following an affair with a married woman, even though she had separated from her husband.
    • A married woman can claim a reduced basic pension on her husband's contributions if she is aged at least 60 and he has claimed his own pension.
    • He began to imagine himself a married man with a faithful wife at his side.
    • So long as your husband has a full contributions record you can claim the married women's pension when he retires.
    • He's having an affair with a married woman behind the back of her violent and abusive husband.
    • Is it merely a matter of impulse control, the same as a married person resisting the daily barrage of sexual imagery in everyday life?
    • The fundamental issue in question here is whether the state ought to give preferential treatment to married people.
    • More than three in five of married people said they preferred to go on a UK trip with their partner as opposed to their friends.
    • Originally, the spousal privilege reflected the view that a married woman was not an entirely separate person from her husband.
    • The more conventional alternative for a married man is getting his wife some jewelry.