Translation of martial in Spanish:


marcial, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmɑrʃəl/ /ˈmɑːʃ(ə)l/


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    martial music música militar
    • The martial, or fighting arts are among humankind's oldest avocations.
    • In the opening part there are fight scenes woven around him to introduce us to his martial skills.
    • Some may be obscure to people who haven't read much about martial culture or military history.
    • Male viewers would have seen him as an exemplar of heroic and martial prowess.
    • Too often, the country seems to be engrossed in a mythic, heroic narrative of patriotic, martial prowess.
    • There are few stunts and only rudimentary fight sequences, dependent upon fire power rather than martial artistry.
    • This injury left him unfit for military service but did not seem to affect his martial ability.
    • This fusion of martial and performing arts is sure to kindle the curiosity of the young, who adapt easily to innovations.
    • Both genres are based on stories of different kinds of martial quest.
    • Their martial glory reflects a greater glory that they both serve and exemplify at its highest.
    • In fact, as the historians are beginning to reveal, there is nothing new about the warrior's dream of martial perfection.
    • The production is more than a simple demonstration of martial qualities.
    • Once, Englishmen took Henry V's exhortations to martial self-sacrifice as inspiring.
    • Dreams of martial glory are hardly uncommon in 19-year-olds all over the world.
    • The British, impressed by the martial spirit of the Gurkhas, began recruiting them into the Indian army.
    • He has done a great service in bringing more attention to the western martial tradition and history.
    • He was unarmed, and carried no military gear or other indicators of martial status.
    • Sparta was a martial society, which did away with any sickly child at birth.
    • His skill with the staff was incredible, as was to be expected of the prince's martial education.
    • When not walking, Kevin would practice his martial skills in his practice room, focussing on them and nothing else for hours at a time.