Translation of masked in Spanish:


enmascarado, adj.

Pronunciation /mæskt/ /mɑːskt/

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  • 1

    (figure/gunman) enmascarado
    • He is a masked entity whose crimes set the story in motion.
    • She plays one of the masked henchmen.
    • Masked thieves who stole $30 million in artwork from the museum are demanding a huge ransom.
    • This dark, rather grotesque image shows the artist's masked face surrounded by blades thrown by a circus knife-thrower.
    • A masked juggler tiptoes on a hoop suspended in midair.
    • By now the charm has worn off these masked characters, and they simply look infantilized and aimless.
    • Black-clad masked gunmen scale large oil-storage tanks, while divers are positioned in a boat offshore.
    • She is held hostage by a masked woman wearing long black gloves and high-heeled boots.
    • There were images of dogs and masked police in riot gear painted in Day-Glo colors with shimmery radioactive outlines.
    • Who is that masked man?