Translation of masked ball in Spanish:

masked ball

baile de disfraces, n.


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    baile de disfraces masculine
    baile de máscaras masculine
    • Alexandra knew from her experience with masked balls that masks as extravagant as Elana's were very binding and could become very hot and uncomfortable if worn at particularly long intervals.
    • I'm toying with the idea of not wearing my glasses, as it's a masked ball after all, and masks look very strange over glasses.
    • In the old days an orchestra hid on the balcony while the guests below held masked balls and Sunday dances.
    • In a particularly telling passage, he recounted attending a masked ball during his teens.
    • At the festival's climax, thousands of revellers descend on St Mark's Square for a huge party, while the well-connected and wealthy are whisked off to one of the city's many masked balls.
    • Perhaps this explains Celia's own attraction to masked balls.
    • In February 1745, an invitation to an extravagant masked ball celebrating the Dauphin's marriage to the Spanish Infanta was duly sent to Madame d' Etioles.
    • It manages marvellous bursts of vision, like the masked ball in Budapest, and sequences where the computer-generated effects match the movie's ambition, like the coach chase.
    • Last but not the least are the exotic new-year celebrations at Madrid and the renowned masked ball that leave a remarkable impression on each and every visitor.
    • Set entirely in the round, this magnificent production allows the audience to experience all the emotions of the world's greatest love story, from the majestic sweep of the masked ball to the passion of the lovers' pas de deux.
    • Those seeking more instant satisfaction will be delighted to know that a masked ball, beer tasting, boules tournament and fully rocked-out fashion show are also on the cultural agenda.
    • While class, money, gender and familial dysfunction all rear their ugly heads, the promised darkness never really emerges, and the final scene revels in the antic comedy of a masked ball.
    • One night, the Prince entertains his houseguests with a masked ball of ‘the most unusual magnificence.’
    • And to raise the profile of the glittering event, top football players and celebrities have donated goodies to be auctioned at the masked ball.
    • The latest phase - restoration of the west wing of the house - is set to open to the public at Easter with a series of grand events, including a masked ball.
    • In March 1792, King Gustav III of Sweden was shot at a masked ball in Stockholm.
    • Of course she had changed the theme to a masked ball.
    • A 19th-century gothic romance, the ballet revolves around a poet and a sleepwalker who meet in the garden of a stately home during a masked ball.
    • At least this was a masked ball, and I didn't have to see his face.
    • The events include the opening of the world's only Museum of Masks, a parade of thousands of masks, an internationally flavoured masked ball and a fireworks extravaganza.