Translation of match play in Spanish:

match play

match play, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmætʃ ˌpleɪ/


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    match play masculine
    • By waiving them, you waive the right to keep score in stroke play and to win the hole in match play.
    • This costs her the hole in match play or a two-stroke penalty in stroke play.
    • The thing to know about the honor is its application in stroke play vs. match play.
    • If you repair a spike mark, the penalty is two strokes, or loss of hole in match play.
    • It's been said stroke play is a truer test of golf while match play is a truer test of character.
    • In stroke play, that's a two-stroke penalty; in match play, the penalty is loss of hole.
    • These events include standard stroke play, match play, skins, and skills competitions.
    • In match play the player farthest from the hole can make the person who hit out of turn replay the shot.
    • Up to four players can play online together in a variety of match play and stroke play conditions.
    • In match play, use your best judgment - if a timely claim is made, it will be considered by rules officials later.
    • But not when you're in match play against another human being, especially an ally from Europe.
    • In four-ball match play, it's smart to choose a partner whose playing style is different from your own.
    • At match play, it doesn't matter what you shoot; it's all relative to your opponent.
    • Under Rule 15, in match play, the first person to play the wrong ball loses the hole.
    • I lost in the first round of match play to the guy who lost in the second round to the guy who lost in the third round to the guy who won.
    • Because match play is so different than stroke play, you want experience on your side.
    • In the match play, I caught a day where I played very well and he wasn't at his best.
    • I won my first 15 games in match play to quickly move up the standings.
    • In match play, it's imperative that you stay on top of your game.
    • I was very consistent in qualifying and started match play in 19th place.