Translation of math in Spanish:


matemática, n.

Pronunciation /mæθ/ /maθ/

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    matemática feminine
    matemáticas feminine
    mates feminine informal
    • It was laborious and tedious and horrible, but it got me interested in math.
    • At my hotel, a professor came every morning to teach math and reading skills to the workers.
    • He has also complained that they've kept him from teaching math to his fellow inmates.
    • This philosopher made a name for himself by using math to solve science hundreds of years ago.
    • If you can add and know the difference between a one and a zero, you can do binary math.
    • I think my sensibilities were running more towards arts and humanities than math and science.
    • This brings me to my next point, which is how highly treasured math and science are.
    • More undergraduates need to be motivated to specialize in math or the sciences.
    • Do various science or math theories belong, at all, in the world of literary criticism?
    • We had started some math and they took to it as quickly as they had words and letters.
    • You had to know the length of your title and then do some math to get you to the right place to start.
    • It's not giving the kids much of a break if everything has to teach them about tolerance or math.
    • Students in math know that the essence of the subject lies in theorems and proofs.
    • In fact, it looked as though he had forgotten how to do math altogether.
    • During the day my mind was occupied with thoughts of math, literature, English, and history.
    • He always came top of the class in math so I thought he would be useful for once.
    • I chuckle and look back to where my ancestors, several hundred years ago, began learning to do math.
    • The math is dumbed down a bit as is necessary for a mass market book like this.
    • Also, it was said that the review recommended that math and physics come together a bit.
    • It was the first time in my life that I understood why people are terrified of math.