Translation of matins in Spanish:


maitines, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmætnz/ /ˈmatɪnz/


  • 1

    (Roman Catholic)
    maitines masculine
  • 2

    (in Episcopal Church, Church of England)
    oficio de la mañana masculine
    • Morning prayer, known as matins, and evening prayer, known as vespers or evensong, are most common.
    • Most importantly they had to pray seven times a day from the matins in the early morning to the vespers in the evening.
    • Shrouded by early morning mists, cloaked in oak and beech woods that echo with the sound of matin bells and Gregorian chant, these venerable ruins bring the most distant history to life.
    • It was a Sunday and from modern village far below, the silence was broken by a single male, bass voice chanting: the village priest at his matins.
    • Two of the pieces we will chant are pulieli which are sung within the matins, with each verse followed by Alleluia.