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matriz, n.

Pronunciación /ˈmeɪtrɪks/

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nombreplural matrices, plural matrixes

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    matriz femenino
    • Equivalently, physicists can represent a given quantum system by a matrix - a square array of whole numbers.
    • For this simple example, this means we can get to any of the six permutation matrices in a single swap.
    • Of particular importance is his appreciation of the value of elementary hermitian matrices in numerical analysis.
    • He discovered the rule for multiplying matrices in 1812 and it is almost certainly for this that he will be remembered rather than his other work.
    • However he also worked on differential equations, matrices and other topics in algebra, continued fractions, geometry and number theory.
    • The matrix is inserted at its base, the mould is adjusted to the desired width, molten lead is poured in to form a column, and the character is cast in the matrix at the bottom.
    • These were then used to shape the matrixes from which the records were pressed.
    • Limited dolomitization of the calcite around the edges of the fossils and in the matrix of the concretion occurred at a later stage.
    • Rhombs of ferroan dolomite occur both in the fringe around the fossils and within the matrix of the concretion.
    • Except for a few small bone fragments, no fossils have been observed within the clasts or in the matrix.
    • Protruding from the frozen earth, like dinosaur fossils in a matrix of rock, was a row of brown vertebrae, ancient and massive.
    • The metaconglomerates comprise monocrystalline or polycrystalline angular or subrounded clasts of quartz embedded in an arenaceous matrix.
    • These blocks are enclosed in a matrix of sheared, serpentinized ultramafic rocks and thus the entire sequence constitutes another melange.
    • Locally, intense brecciation gave rise to angular vein quartz fragments enveloped by a matrix of massive hematitic rock.
    • Both the matrix and crystals are generally rather highly fractured, making it difficult to collect good unbroken specimens.
    • Crystals free from the matrix are virtually nonexistent.
    • In one specimen stephanite was intimately associated with pyrite in a matrix of tabular calcite crystals, all on quartz.
    • It is also the source of many baby-pink rhodochrosite crystal groups without much matrix.
    • One consisted of specimens with cubic crystals on matrix purportedly from Siberia.
    • To his surprise, fossils within the matrix were also silicified.
    • The surrounding matrix of the fossil, which creates a natural mold, should also be thoroughly examined.
    • We tipped the matrix of quartz on microcline and cleavelandite to remove the crystal, no easy job in the confined space of the pocket.
    • Most of the crystals were standing on the quartz matrix, but a number were lying flat and were doubly terminated.
    • Two images can be captured, one where the matrix is in focus, the other where the crystals are in focus.
    • The fine-grained matrix consists chiefly of gypsum, although traces of anhydrite may be present.
    • The fine-grained matrix consists mainly of quartz and feldspar.
    • The larger dolomite crystals fill voids in the fine-grained dolomite matrix.