Hay 3 traducciones principales de may en Español

: may1may2May3


poder, v.

Pronunciación /meɪ/

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verbo modal might

  • 1

    • 1.1(asking, granting permission)

      may I smoke? ¿puedo fumar?
      • he asked if he might see her preguntó si podía verla
      • and who, may I ask, are you? ¿y quién es usted, si se puede saber?
      • may I take your coat? ¿me permites tu abrigo?
      • you may smoke if you wish pueden fumar
      • you may kiss the bride puede besar a la novia
      • The club now says his identity may not be revealed until the end of the month, but insist the deal is still on.
      • Of course there is a right of appeal, which in some cases may not be exercised without prior permission.
      • None of the text or images from this site may be reproduced in whole or part without written permission.

    • 1.2(in requests)

      may I have your opinion on this? ¿podría darme su opinión acerca de esto?
      • may we see the menu, please? ¿podríamos ver / nos podría traer el menú, por favor?
      • may I have this dance? ¿me concede esta pieza?
      • may I have your name and address, please? ¿quiere darme su nombre y dirección, por favor?

  • 2

    • 2.1(indicating probability)

      we may increase the price quizás / tal vez aumentemos el precio
      • you may wish to pay in advance tal vez / quizás usted prefiera pagar por adelantado
      • may cause drowsiness puede producir somnolencia
      • it may or may not be true puede o no ser cierto
      • he may not have seen us puede (ser) que / quizás / tal vez no nos haya visto
      • I'm worried he may do something foolish tengo miedo de que haga un disparate
      • I was worried he might do something foolish tenía miedo de que hiciera un disparate
      • and who is Mr Preston, you may ask? se preguntarán quién es el señor Preston
      • This may well be true and look at the hatred that it has generated in most Western countries.
      • That may well be true of course, though few have ever stated it so bluntly.
      • That indeed may well be true but rather than finessing this issue it should surely be addressing it head on.
      • He confirmed that failure to do so may amount to a breach of election law.
      • It may be that their stories confirm the public's worst instincts about the music industry.
      • All of which was further confirmation that Scotland may just have a bit of a star in the making.
      • Part of this may be that the church is integral to national identity and tradition.
      • Investigators said this weekend that those reports may prove to be a case of mistaken identity.
      • Yet their life outside may be as scarring as adult prison if their identities are ever discovered.
      • If parents were to think about it, they may find it is their own identity they are protecting.
      • Overlap of bone margins may indicate a dislocation, and a second view should confirm this.
      • Information such as a watermark in the paper may help identify a place and date of production.
      • Attitudes are much more difficult to identify and may only be revealed in subtle ways.
      • In answering these points it may be necessary to identify the object of the contract.
      • However, this may give an insight into how the legal position was identified.
      • Many of your readers may disagree, but I feel many more will identify with my observations.
      • We thought there may be traffic issues but we also identified various ways we could address them.
      • The two plays may differ in style but their concern is identical, just like the twins.
      • It may be difficult in such situations to identify the point in time when an arrest occurs.
      • It may be argued that state and law are not identical, and there can be states without law.

    • 2.2(indicating different options)

      you may pay in cash or by check puede pagar en efectivo o con cheque

    • 2.3(in generalizations)

      no matter what they may say digan lo que digan
      • we'll find them, wherever they may be los encontraremos, estén donde estén / dondequiera que estén

  • 3

    (indicating sth is natural)
    you may well ask! ¡buena pregunta!
    • you may well feel embarrassed after last night no me extraña que te sientas avergonzado después de lo de anoche
    • I wonder how she did so well? — you may well wonder me pregunto cómo le fue tan bien — eso (mismo) digo yo
  • 4

    this may be unpleasant, but it must be said esto podrá ser desagradable, pero hay que decirlo
    • he may not be clever, but he's very hard-working no será inteligente, pero es muy trabajador
    • you may well laugh, just wait till it happens to you! sí, tú ríete ¡ya verás cuando te pase a ti!
    • They may not seem important at the time but, trust me, one day they could be more vital than a very vital thing indeed.
    • It may be deeply important to some people but it is essentially a part of life, it doesn't govern our lives.
    • It may not have felt like it, and he may not have admitted to it, but Johnson was a pioneering force.
    • The first duty of any working person is to their family, however important that job may be.
    • The letter of the law may be important, but it appears that the punctuation is not.
    • You may have a dozen important things to tell him but the moment of his arrival is not the time.
    • It may not be important, but maybe if I put it down on paper, it'll make more sense to me.
    • I may have to admit that you will never be my lover, but you will always be my dearest friend.
    • That may not seem important to you but without her I think we'd all only read mysteries.
    • The Montgomery Bus Boycott may have been important but it hardly had media appeal.
    • She may not have admitted it out loud, but that didn't mean that she didn't know it was true.
  • 5

    • 5.1(indicating purpose)

      we have left a space so that you may add your comments hemos dejado un espacio para que usted pueda hacer sus comentarios
      • let us fight, that justice may prevail luchemos por que prevalezca la justicia

    • 5.2literario (in wishes)

      may that day never come que ese día no llegue nunca
      • long may she reign! ¡que reine por muchos años!
      • may the Lord be with you el Señor esté con vosotros
      • I am writing in the hope you may be able to help me with family history research.
      • It is hoped the British submersible may be able to cut the submarine loose once raised to a suitable depth.
      • Her husband paid tribute to her as a loving family woman and hopes she may rest in the peace of God.
      • For the moment it will have to be a honeymoon in hospital, but nurses hope that Linda may be able to go home.
      • Now he is hoping other fans may follow his lead by using their expertise to aid the cash-strapped club.
      • He hopes she may be of some comfort to his sister, although he wonders whether he will ever see her smile again.
      • This time she will stay in north Derbyshire in the hope she may make contact.
      • Nevertheless, he hopes he may only be a further week away from a return to action.
      • We also know the direction in which the gunman went and we are hoping this may lead us to new witnesses.
      • Enough interest was shown in this suggestion to give hope that it may be taken up.
      • We are writing this because we hope other campaigns may benefit from some of the lessons that we learned.
      • An epilogue hopes the play may at least have pleased female spectators by its depiction of a good woman.
      • I just hope that you may see why I believe what I do and why it makes sense to me.
      • It was a beautiful starlit night and William hoped it may the start of a new life for them both.
      • It is hoped that a climbing club may be able to use the wall in the future.
      see also might

Hay 3 traducciones principales de may en Español

: may1may2May3


espino, n.


  • 1

    espino masculino

Hay 3 traducciones principales de May en Español

: may1may2May3


mayo, n.

Pronunciación /meɪ/


  • 1

    mayo masculino
    → see also January
    • Tour operators with summer programmes always struggle to fill the months of May and June.
    • It is going to give us a good starting point for the month of May but we still have a lot of work to do as does everyone else.
    • I feel the month of May is the most delightful time to be out and about on the river.
    • It was the month of May and in those times there was a corncrake in every field and garden.
    • In May last year the accident-prone pony got stuck in the water before being bailed out.
    • She was going to jump off the rock into the cold May water and drown just like he did.
    • The May half-term is a chance to get children out of the house and into the fresh air.
    • The large number of bills included mean that if there is a May election most are unlikely to become law.
    • Bank holidays are a real menace for messing up the meat trade and the May weekend has been no exception.
    • Culture vultures are invited to work with local artists for a unique May celebration.
    • With the May elections looming, the last thing it wanted was to impose a big tax increase.
    • Most of the events are free, but because of limited space the May events are ticket only.
    • I find that the coverage of recent events comes on the heels of the May ratings sweeps.
    • Dormant dahlia tubers can be potted up this month to get them going before planting out in May or June.
    • The rains in April and May of that year of 1951 were not too heavy and we were able to get out a bit.
    • It is now May, when spring is at its peak and hormones seem to have risen to a new level.
    • I was reminded of that when I turned the corner of the house this bright May morning.
    • They flower from March to June and disperse mature seeds from May to July in the second year.
    • These flower from early to late May with single blooms that are finely fringed at the edges.
    • The second week of May will be one of the driest of the year and one of the sunniest.