Translation of maze in Spanish:


laberinto, n.

Pronunciation /meɪz/

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    laberinto masculine
    • When the rats were put in mazes designed to test learning and memory, those that had been anaesthetised performed worse than those that had not been given the drugs.
    • They turn a corner of the hedge maze and find the statue of Theo's bride.
    • The maze will be at the farm until the plants wither away in October when the field will be cut, ready for a new maze with a new design next year.
    • More prosaically, unlike conventional hedge mazes, the gabion cages will require minimal maintenance and should last for 50 years.
    • Quixotic mazes made with podacarpus hedges or scarlet red bean vines can be done with a little imagination.
    • It seemed to be one of those hedge mazes that you always saw in movies or read about in books.
    • As I got closer to the entrance of the hedge maze I couldn't see anybody there so I had to question why I'd been directed here.
    • The modern use of the hedge maze is now purely recreational.
    • He was unaware of the beautiful garden nestled in the heart of the hedge maze.
    • Puzzle Planet is the latest attraction at the centre where you can pit your wits against a series of mazes, brainteasers and puzzles to see if you've got the brains to be an astronomer.
    • It has paintings, jigsaw puzzles, a maze, skill games and more.
    • Some force you to navigate hedge mazes or find countless skulls while stumbling through underground passages.
    • My hedge maze is two straight lines of bushes that lead to a cactus.
    • Hence mother rats negotiated complex mazes better than their virgin sisters.
    • I opened another door and we entered a vast maze.
    • The maize maze at Blake End, near Braintree, is open for the summer and is growing fast.
    • The corn maze to the north is amazing, and there are farm lands and woods everywhere.
    • You are strongly urged to solve the maze before looking closely at the answer!
    • The proof of Euler's theorem actually gives us a way of solving the maze.
    • He chuckled at my comment and grabbed my hand as we entered the maze.