Translation of meal ticket in Spanish:

meal ticket


  • 1informal

    (source of income)
    she thought she had a meal ticket for life pensó que tenía el futuro asegurado
    • Major software suppliers are eyeing so-called ‘mid-market’ companies as a meal ticket to growth in a period of relatively stagnant spending on technology.
    • But for all they know, you could just be a guy hanging on to a meal ticket.
    • ‘Thought I was his meal ticket about two years ago,’ Jude admitted.
    • The impoverished soldier sees his meal ticket, and sells his soul to the rock ‘n roll of untold riches; the price is fixed after the transaction.
    • The spy senses a meal ticket in the making, and the eager beavers in the London and Washington ‘intelligence’ community are only too glad to participate in the delusion.
    • And every Sunday and Thursday, when thousands of Mayan artisans display their wares in Chichicastenango, tourists are the meal ticket.
    • He cursed himself; she was a meal ticket, nothing else.
    • A full mailbox is a meal ticket for identity thieves.
    • She knew he would be her meal ticket out of this dump.
    • Because he has steady employment, Nanny keeps nagging Louise to marry him, however lovelessly, for a meal ticket.
    • The Yankee ‘hyperpower’, so widely disparaged by many European politicians, is our meal ticket.
    • The men stopped, but they were ready, not willing to give up, not willing to see their meal ticket blown apart either.
    • On the other hand, Fox was a meal ticket, an attractive ally in researchers' quest for bigger budgets.
    • Some architecture students, it seems, are interested in more than a meal ticket.
    • She had only wanted a meal ticket with her new guy, but suddenly she had found herself in deep, over her head.
    • Some labels put all their eggs in one basket, pushing their meal ticket to the point of virtual overexposure.
    • Besides, if Ginger quits, where's Artie going to find another meal ticket?
    • We were becoming the guy's meal ticket, and we had to put a stop to it.
    • Maybe I should just find a couple more meal tickets?
  • 2

    cheque-comida masculine