Traducción de means en Español:


medio, n.

Pronunciación /minz/ /miːnz/

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nombreplural means

  • 1

    • 1.1(method)

      medio masculino
      means of transport medio de transporte
      • they have the means to do it cuentan con los medios para hacerlo
      • there's no means of finding out no hay manera / forma de saberlo
      • by some means or other sea como sea
      • When the objective is recognized, a wide variety of well known techniques may be used as transitional or enduring means of achieving it.
      • The method provides a means of identifying and describing the ways the viewers fill the gaps in the text.
      • Having a series of plant analysis results provides a means of evaluating these influences.
      • We are in the process of implementing new means of processing credit cards, a move that will result in both time and money savings for the association.
      • Arts programs are one means of achieving that goal.
      • Thorough cleaning of all equipment from planting to delivery is one of the most important means of achieving this.
      • He goes on to advise an effective means of achieving this goal.
      • He is guilty of committing various immoral acts as a means of achieving power and importance.
      • Holland also has developed a means of measuring each sales rep's forecasting prowess.
      • I would say half of an hour, but without a means of measuring time with me, I couldn't be sure.
      • Instruments can become indirect means of communication for autistic children.
      • One effective means of improving the process is to request more than one reference.
      • Unfortunately, following the announcement of the results the organizer cut every means of communication!
      • He offered to advise them about means of gaining assistance under the social welfare system.
      • To me it was just another medium, a means of transmitting things.
      • He took up the bass as a means of channeling his madcap intensity.
      • And, it is stressed, it is far from the only means of achieving business objectives.
      • Manure management is the most effective means for fly control.
      • Its successor, the United Nations, also seeks to persuade member nations to solve their difference by peaceful means.
      • On that basis, buying back shares is just a means by which a company can distribute cash to its shareholders.
      see also ways and means

  • 2formal

    (wealth) medios (económicos) masculino
    (wealth) recursos masculino
    (income) ingresos masculino
    a woman of means una mujer de buena posición económica
    • we do not have the means to finance it no contamos con los medios / recursos para financiarlo
    • You have had the means under your control for quite some time now.
    • That way you will have the financial means whatever bill comes your way!
    • She has also received computers and 14 computer training facilities for families without the means.