Translation of meat in Spanish:


carne, n.

Pronunciation /mit/ /miːt/

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  • 1

    carne feminine
    a plate of cold / cooked meats un plato de fiambres
    • to be strong meat ser demasiado fuerte
    • meat by-product derivado de la carne
    • meat extract extracto de carne
    • meat industry industria cárnica / de la carne
    • meat product producto cárnico / de la carne
    • The principal meats were pork, beef, mutton, and sometimes freshwater fish taken from the river.
    • The highly processed food and low-quality meats affect the health, both physical and mental, of everyone here.
    • He could smell the meats and the foods cooking on the hot plates above him, and he felt his stomach growl.
    • Sarah sauntered over to pick up the dish of cold meats and ate in silence.
    • Fatty cuts of meat and processed meats are among meats high in saturated fat.
    • They even took a good portion of the fancier meats like mutton, quail, and deer.
    • His group wanted to find out why some meats become more tender while others stay too tough.
    • A self-service salad bar is packed with a variety of fresh, organic foods, salads, fish, meats, sauces and dips.
    • The table was covered with meats from many different kinds of animals, all smoked and juicy.
    • Cleaning, cutting and grinding meats and vegetables can take an entire morning, just for preparing the ingredients for a simple meal.
    • Beef's share of total meats consumed recovered in 1997 and was stable in 1998.
    • Preparing bison meat is comparable to preparing other lean meats.
    • The meats consisted of soft shelled crab covered in spices, tender roast beef and chicken.
    • You don't have to be a master chef in order to cook meats properly.
    • A giant wooden table was there, filled with bountiful fruits and meat.
    • When she investigated, she discovered a leather pouch half filled with dried meat and fruit.
    • An hour or two later she pulled out some dried fruit and smoked meat for lunch.
    • But they did encourage imports of meat, fruit, vegetables, and wine.
    • They also spend more on staples such as meat, fruit, cereals and bakery products than the average American household.
    • They had bread, fruits, meat, butter, water, milk and even some cake.
  • 2

    sustancia feminine
    enjundia feminine
    • Disc Two is where the meat of the supplements is featured.
    • They are dialogue-heavy, but they are laying the groundwork for the real meat of the film.