Translation of median in Spanish:


medio, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈmidiən/ /ˈmiːdɪən/

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  • 1

    (value/wage) medio
    • He says the poorest bankruptcy filers, people who fall below the median income in their state, can wipe out their debts the same way they did before.
    • The first value corresponds to the most heterogeneous values observed in the literature and the second to a median value.
    • Frequencies of recombination correspond to the median value of two or three fluctuation tests, each one done with six independent colonies.
    • However, while a few genes do show rather high transition bias, most of the estimates cluster tightly around the median value.
    • This information was then used to estimate the median values and the 95% confidence intervals.
    • Use of the median value for an individual provides an analysis representing the central tendency for valuing the species.
    • As for Stephanie, she falls below her state's median income and could still file Chapter 7 but would have to fill out more paperwork to prove it.
    • There may be circumstances when it is important to be able to estimate the distribution function and the corresponding mean and median values parametrically.
    • The median values of comet length distribution (at least three independent experiments) were used in a one-way analysis of variance test.
    • Arrows indicate the median value of divergence times of each distribution.
    • When median values were examined, both sexes showed a preference for one partner and did not differ in the number of partners they preferred prior to settling down.
    • If the median value was chosen, then the wavelengths were converted to a unit of energy.
    • The median values were compared by the rank sum test.
    • Homes are considerably cheaper - the median value is about $25,000 - but they tend to be older.
    • We propose to calculate the median values at each iteration of the Gibbs sampler.
    • The median value of stock holdings among these families was $47,000 in 1998.
    • On the basis of the median values, it appears that researchers have used larger sample sizes in the last decade compared with in the earlier decades.
    • In all cases however, wetter/drier and warmer/cooler are relative to the median value at the location you're looking at.
    • At least 15 independent colonies were analyzed for each strain and the median values were used for the calculation.
    • The median value assures good recognition for half of the frames.
  • 2 formal

    (in middle)
    • However, results may be limited, because the bladder neck and median prostate lobe cannot be treated.
    • The normally obliterated umbilical artery within the urachus forms the median umbilical ligament in the adult.
    • The volar compartment includes forearm wrist flexors, pronator tendons, and median and ulnar nerves and arteries.
    • The contents of the tunnel include the median nerve and flexor tendons of the hand.
    • After birth, it is represented by the median umbilical ligament, which extends from the dome or anterior wall of the bladder to the umbilicus.


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    mediana feminine
    • We calculated means, standard deviations, medians, and interquartile ranges as appropriate.
    • Values are medians (interquartile ranges) unless stated otherwise.
    • Descriptive statistics, including means, medians, range, standard deviation, and frequencies, were used to enumerate the TAT process.
    • We calculated means (standard deviations) or medians (ranges or interquartile ranges) as appropriate.
    • The results are presented either as medians and interquartile ranges or percentage frequencies and 95% confidence intervals, as appropriate.
    • Summary descriptive statistics were computed by using proportions or medians and interquartile ranges.
    • We expressed categorical variables as frequencies and percentages and continuous variables as medians (interquartile range).
    • Descriptive statistics (means, standard deviations, medians and percentages) were used.
    • Clinical factors graded on a scale of 0 to 3 were reported as medians and interquartile ranges.
    • Time intervals are expressed as medians and interquartile ranges.
    • Data that were not normally distributed were described by using medians and interquartile ranges.
    • As the data were skewed, we have presented medians and interquartile ranges for continuous data.
    • The data were analyzed in several ways, incorporating frequencies, percentages, means, medians, and standard deviations.
    • Descriptive statistics such as means, standard deviations, medians, percentages and frequencies were used to summarize the data.
    • When medians and ranges were presented the values were converted to means.
    • Dashed lines connect observations within 1.5 interquartile ranges of the median.
    • We produced summary statistics for each cost variable (means, medians, and standard deviations).
    • Data are described as frequencies, medians with ranges, and means with standard deviations.
    • In October 2000 the average and median had been $587 and $448 respectively.
    • Using the median rather than the average of the set of estimates does not improve estimation (results not shown).
    • Perpendicular bisectors of two pieces of its medians form a hexagon with opposite sides parallel (and some additional features).
  • 2US also median strip

    mediana feminine
    bandejón (central) masculine Chile
    camellón masculine Mexico