Translation of medical examiner in Spanish:

medical examiner

médico forense, n.


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    médico encargado de las revisiones médicas
    Law médico forense masculine US
    Law médica forense feminine US
    • For instance, the two groups differed markedly over 107 deaths certified ‘homicide’ by the forensic pathologist medical examiners.
    • Notably, Rhode Island, unlike some other states, did not at the time have a law requiring medical examiners to refrain from performing autopsies over religious objections.
    • The medical examiners in our study were divided concerning the use of autopsy tissues for research purposes.
    • Twenty two states have medical examiners to investigate unnatural or suspected unnatural deaths.
    • In Nova Scotia, Canada, the medical examiner's office is under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice.
    • The medical examiner's report isn't being put to any of those uses.
    • Many of the autopsies in this group were performed under the authority of the local medical examiner.
    • An additional case was brought to the authors' attention by a medical examiner.
    • The move comes after a medical examiner said the former intern died through the acts of another person.
    • We are awaiting the results of the medical examiner and any autopsy that may be performed.
    • And as I have found from my own experience as a forensic medical examiner, a strong stomach would be a close third.
    • A medical examiner used dental records to confirm the skull, which showed signs of injury, did belong to Todd.
    • I spoke with Dr. Arden, the medical examiner in the District of Columbia this morning.
    • The county medical examiner agreed, adding that his autopsy had disclosed no evidence of a heart attack or stroke.
    • So the medical examiner is charged with doing two things: figuring out cause and figuring out manner.
    • As a medical examiner, he is somewhere between a detective and a doctor.
    • Similarly, contact with law enforcement, medical examiners and journalists in the investigative phases of the incident can affect outcomes.
    • That's something that the medical examiner will try to determine, if that's possible, and then we'll go from there.
    • Dillon went to see the medical examiner who claimed that a man fitting the description of Marcus was found stabbed to death early in the morning.