Translation of meeting in Spanish:


reunión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmidɪŋ/ /ˈmiːtɪŋ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(assembly)

      reunión feminine
      to hold a meeting celebrar una reunión
      • to call a meeting convocar una reunión
      • a meeting of shareholders, a shareholders'meeting una reunión / junta de accionistas
      • political meeting mitin
      • we're having a meeting today to discuss it nos reunimos hoy para discutirlo
      • I have a meeting scheduled with the chairman tengo concertada una reunión con el director
      • the meeting decided to accept the proposals la asamblea decidió / los presentes decidieron aceptar las propuestas
      • Mr Timms is in a meeting el señor Timms está en una reunión
      • the meeting is adjourned se levanta la sesión
      • They also became focal points for group discussion and formal meetings.
      • Union officials have written to executives seeking an urgent meeting to discuss the matter.
      • The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the merits of the former ambassador traveling to Niger.
      • The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the set-up of a local Farmers Market planned for the near future.
      • It was the first time in 15 years they had held a formal meeting to discuss problems in the area.
      • They understood the purpose of the meeting was to discuss incorporating a new company.
      • Health bosses held urgent meetings to decide how to cope with an expected surge in the number of patients over Easter.
      • The actual discussion at meetings is not recorded formally, or contained in the minutes.
      • The main item for discussion at the meeting was the guild's annual weekend outing.
      • This might include breakfasts, lunches, formal meetings, client meetings and trial projects.
      • The purpose of the meeting was to execute a legal document.
      • Council passed a motion that further questions on the sessions not be discussed again at council meetings.
      • How can meetings and discussions solve a problem like this?
      • Those meetings were very formal and few ideas were exchanged.
      • Please put these in writing, sign and place in the box at the back of the Church for discussion at the monthly meetings.
      • The problem of cannabis is now a regular topic of discussion at meetings of the Swindon Association of Secondary Heads.
      • There will also be a number of consultation meetings held to discuss what residents would like to see done with the community space.
      • He had therefore been entitled to attend the area assembly meetings, often held in non-council buildings.
      • She also hopes to visit Britain every few months to attend council meetings.
      • But some who attended the meeting felt their questions were yet to be answered.

    • 1.2Religion

      oficio masculine
      • I've been a member of several Lutheran churches and have sat through many congregational meetings.
      • Most meetings for worship in those days were nothing but processions or groups of singers.
      • He believed there would be a big impact on parking, already under pressure during the school run and from meetings in the local Quaker Meeting House.
      • Quaker meetings and Shabbat services are held regularly here on the farm.
      • Although Quaker meetings are held in silence, individuals are allowed to speak, if genuinely moved by the spirit to do so.

  • 2

    (encounter) encuentro masculine
    (between presidents, ministers) entrevista feminine
    a chance meeting un encuentro fortuito
    • I remember our last meeting recuerdo la última vez que nos vimos
    • their favorite meeting place el lugar donde les gusta (or gustaba etc.) encontrarse
    • meeting point punto de reunión
    • Without conscious direction there are only chance meetings that create situations between separated beings.
    • Diverse characters happen together either by chance or in arranged meetings.
    • While there, I've met people I already knew by chance and had chance meetings with new people.
    • Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation follows two wandering souls that connect through these very chance meetings.
    • It took a couple more chance meetings before he actually asked me on a date, but he did and that was 7 years ago.
    • The chance meeting is even more uncanny because Barbara had been searching for John on the internet last week to try to locate him in America.
    • They didn't see each other very often, except for chance meetings at meal times, when they felt strong enough to go to the mess hall.
    • They open up opportunities for fleeting or chance meetings.
    • Here, chance meetings and sexual encounters create a mood where anything can happen, even murder.
    • This is the perfect chance to end these meetings without offending her.
    • I never expect the chance meetings, yet I am always somewhere, at the same time as they are.
    • Those meetings give us a chance to see one another and to have coffee - and they keep us all together.
    • The film is full of chance meetings, coincidences, romance and confused hearts.
    • Their meeting was chance when they happened to be walking in the same vicinity.
    • Whether it was a chance meeting or a planned meeting is not relevant to the point we were making.
  • 3British

    encuentro masculine
    • Each of the four first-round playoff meetings is a rematch from the regular season.
    • When he was in Nathy's they did not get newspapers and did not know about upcoming events such as athletics meetings.
    • The Renault Winter Championship meetings will also include races for the AVO Ginetta Cup cars.
    • Last Sunday saw the opening meeting of the Young Athletes League at Pendle where Skyrac came fourth overall.
    • Barton faces a severe test, with the likes of Seebald and Fondmort among the opposition for an event which could well be the race of the meeting.
    • UK Athletics states that if a UK record is to be valid, the competitor must pass a drugs test at the meeting that the record was set in.
    • Even before the rally, at meetings and events, they were everywhere.
    • Both meetings were world championship qualifying rounds.
    • With two meetings and four races to go the championship is too close to call.
    • The meeting also incorporates the final race of the Reebok Cross series and has attracted over 2000 runners.
    • Neil Callan rides to victory in the last race of the day to leave the race for the meeting's top jockey wide open.
    • And, because of a series of rained-off meetings, they have matches in hand on Poole, Wolverhampton and Ipswich.
    • The BHB had used their power to fix the dates of meetings to stop racecourses organising their own fixtures.
    • After competing at three pool meetings against five other schools they qualified for the finals night.
    • Sale easily won the meeting and with one match to go have virtually guaranteed their place in the top flight after relegation last summer.
    • Racehorses die every day while providing pleasure and I'm afraid the magnification of such events during meetings like Aintree is a fact of life.
    • Aces teammate Jason Lyons is also in the meeting as a wild card and knows a good performance could seal his spot in the full series in 2003.
    • The Golden League consists of Europe's seven biggest single-day athletics meetings of the summer.
    • Crump had to win a race against the clock even to take part in the meeting.
    • The racing data list contains all the runners and riders for every race at a meeting.