Translation of mellifluous in Spanish:


dulce, adj.

Pronunciation /məˈlɪfluəs/ /mɛˈlɪflʊəs/

Definition of dulce in Spanish


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    • We dozed off to the mellifluous sounds of nature.
    • I was particularly taken with the mellifluous sounds of the ‘authentic’ clarinets.
    • While engine noise never gets out of hand and indeed sounds quite mellifluous, you do hear a surprising amount of noise from passing traffic.
    • Staring into space, each concentrated on the soft sounds of Mari's mellifluous voice.
    • Rose wondered, listening to Yashi's soft, mellifluous voice soothing Jess, and feeling a pang of annoyance that she'd gone straight for him.
    • The words to the song started, and I could hear Christina's mellifluous voice singing softly along with it.
    • Once I heard her mellifluous voice softly humming to the radio, I sighed a breath of relief.
    • I think his voice is noble, mellifluous, rich and with a good range of colours.
    • In Italian what name could sound more mellifluous than Felice?
    • Just as there is more to the songs' lyrics than that, so there is more to their sound than mellifluous strumming.
    • ‘We will have refreshments and you shall tell me of your misadventure,’ Arvid said in a rich, mellifluous voice.
    • The voice was rich, mellifluous and like an angel sent from heavens above.
    • Prince Vaji closed his eyes and allowed his immortal senses hear the mellifluous music, designed to ensnare the mind of its listener.
    • It must be the most musical and mellifluous language in the world.
    • The waves crashed over and over, the sound mellifluous and almost lulling to my ear.
    • Finally, however, her mellifluous voice with its distinctive accent and timbre began captivating the hearts of audiences elsewhere, and she shot to fame.
    • Her physical energy and humour are palpable, her voice a mellifluous tool with which she weaves tale upon tale, until one loses track of time in the hands of a master storyteller.
    • Despite age, the singer has a mellifluous voice.
    • From Ontario, Kiran Ahluwalia brings her Punjabi folk songs, and a mellifluous voice that will wrap her audience in its exotic charms.
    • The mellifluous voice of the tenor did indeed ‘comfort’ us in his first aria.