Translation of mentor in Spanish:


mentor, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛnˌtɔr/ /ˈmɛnˌtər/ /ˈmɛntɔː/

Definition of mentor in Spanish


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    mentor masculine literary
    mentora feminine literary
    • Get friends and mentors, advisors you trust and bounce your ideas off them.
    • He has been both a friend and a mentor to him guiding him thorough the course of his life.
    • Under the terms of the Trust, a mentor is to be provided for the successful students to assist and support them during their time at college.
    • His father is more than a customer, however, serving as a mentor and adviser to Daly.
    • But finding a guide, a coach, a friend, a mentor and a support unit, all wrapped up in the one person, is not going to be easy.
    • The latter was his mentor and friend, for whose editorial skills he always retained sincere admiration.
    • She's a very dear friend and a great mentor and I really look up to her.
    • He was a great mentor and friend and he will be sadly missed by everyone who was lucky enough to know him well.
    • She has become not only my musical mentor but also a friend of mine and of my family.
    • My colleagues were my best friends, family, peers, confidantes and mentors.
    • He was very encouraging and since then he has become a mentor and friend.
    • He was a kind, gracious, and generous friend, and a mentor beyond compare.
    • He became my mentor and good friend and he was one of the world's great authorities on James Joyce.
    • Back in Rome, he met Polybius, who became his friend and his mentor in preparing him for a public career.
    • Experienced mentors and script editors are attached to each project.
    • It relies on a network of 160 volunteers acting as business mentors to advise clients and help develop the new enterprises.
    • In these important years, many of us are either fortunate or wise enough to find mentors to help guide our decisions.
    • A group of mentors will guide refugees through their early months in the town in a scheme aimed at acclimatising them to life in their new home.
    • Pat was one of the mentors who guided, the ladies to the final of the Ulster Championship.
    • He is our mentor, our guide, and he possesses an intellect the size of a planet.

transitive verb

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