Translation of merchant in Spanish:


comerciante, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmərtʃənt/ /ˈməːtʃ(ə)nt/

Definition of comerciante in Spanish


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    • 1.1(retailer)

      comerciante masculine, feminine
      grain/coal merchant comerciante en granos/carbón
      • All Pro projects that the products will bring in more than $8-million in retail sales to area merchants.
      • Inside the walls were the rest, the ones who fell into the middle, the lower merchants, traders, dealers, hawkers, along with business of all kinds crammed into the walls.
      • Most of these marketing efforts were directed toward retail merchants.
      • It is obvious that much depends upon the psychology of the merchants and other traders, and particularly on their expectations as to the course of markets.
      • They brushed past merchants and traders and came to the bridge, where a surly-looking guard with a grey-tipped beard stood.
      • Taking a deep breath, Julian pressed on through the Zetapol market, where merchants and traders competed in hollering.
      • The majority of Indo-Fijians who left following the coup were shop owners and other retail merchants and bankers.
      • Chinese merchants and traders arrived and settled in the ninth century A.D.
      • I think retail merchants have to make that decision for themselves.
      • One of the town's biggest retail merchants wants Wal-Mart to move in.
      • For days upon days, merchants and traders had brought various bolts and pieces of cloth for Erial and Madame to consider.
      • Powerless though the Serlians may be politically, they are honest merchants and prolific traders.
      • This is the perfect location for this show because William Hadwen was a merchant who retailed silver and other goods on Nantucket during the early nineteenth century.
      • If so, then why have men traders, merchants and entrepreneurs been assumed to reside within the public?
      • New markets could also be found among those profiting most from industrialisation, not just manufacturers, but traders, merchants and bankers.
      • He was succeeded by his uncle Malarangiah, who encouraged traders and merchants from different parts of India to settle in Bangalore.
      • Its merchant network includes 11.7 million merchants and spans 190 countries and territories.
      • In the blink of an eye, her ring collections jetted from the showrooms into the gleaming display cases of the world class retail merchants like Bloomingdales.
      • Millions of misguided merchants paying their hardearned out to deluded ‘designers’ so that they too can join the cyberspace community.
      • In the early days of the late 1990s, pioneer online merchants fruitlessly spent millions of dollars on TV and radio ads aimed at the mass market.

    • 1.2History

      mercader masculine
      • He also initiated trade between the Franks and the Muslims and made commercial pacts with the merchants of Venice who traded with both Byzantium and Islam.
      • In virtue of the abundant salt produced in Shanxi, the earliest Shanxi merchants arrived on the historical stage.
      • It was founded high on a series of hills by prosperous Saxon merchants in the Middle Ages.
      • He came from a family of prosperous silk merchants and was chairman of the textile firm Courtaulds Ltd. from 1921 to 1946.
      • In the terror which followed, the wealth of the prosperous merchants made them a particular target, and axe, rope, and fire consumed the natural leaders of Dutch society.
      • Piero della Francesca, who came from a family of fairly prosperous merchants, is recognised as one of the most important painters of the Renaissance.
      • Many of them were prosperous merchants and, possible, noblemen.
      • Growing overseas commerce with colonies stimulated merchants to provide ships, as well as goods for expanding settler societies.
      • See the ancient history of merchants for a continuation of this advice, as applied to the art of selling wine.
      • The Letter of Law emphasized the importance of facilitating commerce and assisting merchants to develop their trading activities.
      • Bristol poet, Thomas Rowley, a monk and friend of William Canynge, a historical Bristol merchant.
      • Dutch merchants and Dutch commercial capital poured into Londen after 1690 and went to play an important role in the re-export trade between England and the Continent.
      • When King James continued his slide to absolutism… even the larger merchants and commercial landowners in England became alarmed.
      • Thus, playing the Nubians allowed me to get access to commerce advances early, letting me build caravans and merchants to generate enough wealth for my endeavors.
      • The study day includes lectures on the links between Sheba and Axum, Arab merchants of the Middle Ages and Navigation and Commerce from Aden.
      • Association football, founded in 1863, was mostly spread by the merchants and clerks of British commerce and by the engineers who built the European and South American railways.
      • He says the doom merchants' prophecies should be put in context.
      • A very well off and prosperous merchant, to be sure, but my ancestors had to work for the respect my father has now.
      • When Norwood, a prosperous bond merchant, built the house, Fourteenth Street was at the northernmost edge of development on Manhattan Island.
      • Thus, the potential of global exposure to global communication, the dream of every merchant in history, has arrived.

  • 2British informal

    merchant of doom agorero
    • gossip merchant chismoso
    • he's a real speed merchant maneja como un loco
    • they're rip-off merchants son unos ladrones
    • I have only heard what Jimmy told me, which was told to him by Lawrence, the Champion embellisher wind-up merchant - he spread it round the neighbourhood we were lost in the Maldives.
    • A rarity from the archives, this solo album was recorded for the Japanese market a quarter of a century ago, when he was almost as well known as the thinking person's funk merchant as a straightahead pianist.
    • I work in internet advertising (but not in sales, I have my pride) so sometimes the spam merchant techniques to grab people's attention will perk my interest.
    • He can expect to find Sampras, the ultimate serve and volley merchant, claiming a position netside with the same sort of voracity with which a German holidaymaker stakes his claim poolside.
    • The play will run from March 27 to April 3 and will tell the story of Vincent, a professional suicide merchant, and the strange situation in which he finds himself.
    • Jose has been enjoying the build-up to this game and has comfortably added to his reputation as European football's best wind-up merchant.
    • Happy to slug it out from the baseline, he is happiest coming in to the net and combines the booming serve with the delicate touch of a true serve and volley merchant.
    • The diary's favourite balls-up merchant is still Danny, though.
    • Mr Adams is no agitprop merchant; his music would be deeply boring if he was.
    • In a masterstroke of casting, He plays Vanya as a bored and disappointed man who entertains himself by playing the Glasgow wind-up merchant.
    • It is the perfect watch for a well-honed style merchant on sinister covert missions.
    • Come on out, you fuzzy-headed wind-up merchant.


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