Traducción de mercurial en Español:


voluble, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌmərˈkjʊriəl/ /məːˈkjʊərɪəl/

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    (person/temperament) voluble
    (person/temperament) volátil
    (wit) vivo
    • Nor does she depict adolescence as a period of mental instability, characterized by mercurial moods and impulsive, self-gratifying actions.
    • He grinned briefly in a mercurial change of mood.
    • The mercurial singer-songwriter's mood is as unpredictable as Halifax weather and each night's performance lives and dies on which attitude the capricious star brings to the rink.
    • One of the most talented and versatile Scottish performers, McKidd is mesmerising as Frankie, capturing all the mercurial moods of a man who can switch from sentimentality to aggression at the flick of a switchblade.
    • He is mercurial, unpredictable and headstrong.
    • To blow off those dear friends who've put up with your mercurial moods for long is just plain cruel and thoughtless, so start returning those calls and those emails.
    • Okada projected the mercurial shift of moods in Beethoven's Fantasie Op 77 with resonant sonority.
    • Jim's mind is mercurial, but I like his company more than anything.
    • Regardless of her mercurial mood, he always managed to stay gentle with her.
    • In a mercurial change of temper, he grabbed her shoulders and shook her, once, twice.
    • He then embarked upon a legal career which was characterised by often brilliant legal exposition, and mercurial temperament.
    • At times you feel frustrated with Ellie and her mercurial temperament.
    • Ms Short is notorious for her outspoken comments and her mercurial temperament.
    • Could it be my mercurial temper, causing many rash actions or hurtful, wicked comments?
    • During his four years in office, Mr. Chen has proven to be a mercurial and unpredictable leader.
    • Their awkwardness, overextended maturity, mercurial temperaments, and easy companionship were all spot on.
    • Rhea's temperament was infamously mercurial - one would never know what she was thinking, or when she might strike.
    • No decision of importance could be made without the chairman, and he was mercurial, often changing his mind once a decision had been made.
    • Mrs. Lincoln became known as much for her fashion sense as her mercurial temperament and place in history.
    • He had a mercurial temperament and was never one to hold back his views, even in the face of opposition.
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    Química Farmacología
    (compound/preparation) mercúrico
    (compound/preparation) mercurial
    • The mercurial bromide was re-extracted and analyzed by capillary gas chromatography/electron capture detector, using an internal standard for quantification.
    • These mercurial chemicals are never taken lightly.
    • Brownish-black may indicate chronic mercurial poisoning caused by the formation of sulfide of mercury in the tissues.
    • To determine the extent to which mercury-sensitive water channels are involved in the control of root water flow, mercurial inhibition of root water flow was also examined using a pressure-flux approach.
    • I shuffled off to where he'd pointed, feeling a cold bar of mercurial metal, like in thermometers, stretch from the first bone of my chest, and settling into the pit of my stomach.
    • The condensation beading on it gave it a mercurial sheen.
    • Mercury amalgams are used in dentistry, and mercurial aids such as the thermometer and blood pressure apparatus aid the doctor.
    • This research is an effort to create an awareness. of the potential hazards of some Chinese patent medicines which contain mercurial ingredients.
    • Over the years, researchers provided Eli Lilly with numerous articles indicating the hazards of injecting humans with mercurial substances such as thimerosal.
    • Everyone is wise to the mercury dangers in paints, but patients need to know that button batteries, mercurial antiseptics and broken thermometers are sources of mercury.
    • And don't forget ‘liquid metal,’ dynamically controlled mercurial globs you can push around on your canvas.
    • In acute LV failure with pulmonary edema, phlebotomy, rotating tourniquets, and parenteral mercurial diuretics were effective.