There are 2 main translations of mere in Spanish

: mere1mere2


simple, adj.

Pronunciation /mɪr/ /mɪə/

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adjective merest

  • 1

    he's a mere employee es un simple / mero empleado
    • he's a mere child no es más que un niño
    • the mere mention of his name makes me nervous la mera / sola mención de su nombre me pone nerviosa
    • it's a mere formality es solo una formalidad
    • a mere six months ago hace apenas seis meses
    • On one side, it reduces the people depicted to mere entertainment value, insignificant frogs meant only for visual dissection.
    • They are observed, your Honour, for a number of reasons, some of which may be historical, but basically they are mere insignificant courtesies.
    • ‘I'm open-minded,’ he said, looking down at his shoes, the mere hint of a smile playing on his lips.
    • Apple candy, cotton wool, melon and a mere hint of liquorice.
    • The mere hint of a cold does not require a week off work with ‘the flu’.
    • If you are already groaning with boredom at the mere hint of another mention of Big Brother, I'm sorry about that.
    • The sangria was way too sugary and sweet with mere hint of wine and no trace of liquor.
    • The golfer shows a hint of mere mortality as his second from the rough at the 10th pulls up short of the green.
    • And the only way to do it is to keep writing, no matter how insignificant you think your mere words are.
    • A mere hint of the enormity of what lay ahead was at Brookhaven in Mississippi, my first stop on the Lampton / Lambton trail.
    • Kael felt his cheeks heat up at the mere hint of the heated promise in Sully's voice, and he cursed the blush, shaking his head and looking away to hide it.
    • These snatches are mere hints not out and out plagiarism, and most people would, perhaps, not notice them.
    • Yesterday's rally was part explained by slightly better US manufacturing data, suggesting the battered sector might be showing a mere hint of improvement.
    • A new job and house came in quick succession, and I found myself in a beautiful terraced ‘cottage’; a mere ten minutes stroll from the city centre.
    • In order to peak for the Games, however, they reduce their training time to mere minutes in the days preceding their events while keeping the calorie count virtually constant.
    • After all, just how likely is it that some amateur could detect and disprove the so-called hoax in a mere six minutes, when trained professionals had taken it at face value?
    • Yet, at a mere ten minute's walk from the city centre, and just opposite Fishergate bar and the now-closed Barbican, it is not far off the beaten track.
    • On mere mortals, eye makeup always seems to slide off or crease, leaving the wearer looking like a laboratory test gone wrong.
    • These numbers are mere hints of the incalculable losses to the city that is still reeling as we enter the third year since that day of doom.
    • However, a mere two minutes later, Partick were back on level terms.

There are 2 main translations of mere in Spanish

: mere1mere2


lago, n.


  • 1

    lago masculine
    • Waters to head for include canals, rivers, gravel pits, lakes, ponds, meres and reservoirs.
    • Little grebes breed on ponds, small lakes and meres, flooded gravel pits and beet factory settling ponds.