Translation of meritocracy in Spanish:


meritocracia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌmɛrəˈtɑkrəsi/ /ˌmɛrɪˈtɒkrəsi/

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nounplural meritocracies

  • 1

    meritocracia feminine
    • For the first time in the 20th century, Britain's agonisingly slow progress towards meritocracy went into reverse.
    • What is happening to the campaigning steamroller that was going to propel the new prophets of technocratic and meritocracy craving Labor into power?
    • Many liberal democracies, Britain included, justify wide disparities in the income levels of the rich and poor in terms of a doctrine of meritocracy.
    • This is different from representative democracy, or meritocracy.
    • A spokesman for the Singapore government said recently: ‘We are doing it in the interests of meritocracy, transparency and objectivity.’
    • It's the end of meritocracy, let alone democracy.
    • He says Republicans believe in meritocracy and recognise those with good ideas.
    • A genuine political meritocracy would be representative of the general population, because it would include people from all genders and communities and would exclude only those without merit.
    • Given the names initially under consideration and the ones denied an airing, it is obvious that political unions rather than meritocracy still carry the greater weight.
    • The forces that promoted revolution in France - meritocracy, ambition, new kinds of knowledge - were captured and harnessed to a revived conservatism in Britain.
    • But it seems fair to ask, even if we are all democrats now, whether it is wise to make a god of democracy, never mind the Spartan meritocracy, ‘successful in theory and practice, which commits us to atheism’.
    • Accordingly, Napoleon's meritocracy channelled the gifted and diligent into an educational system which was geared to serving the needs of the regime.
    • Allied to the control with which candidate selection lists are drawn up, it seems the Party is letting us slip into its own form of meritocracy, badly dressed up as democracy.
    • However, it will not alter the arrogance and meritocracy that is inherent in party politics.
    • He did his best, offering equal citizenship, collective solidarity, meritocracy and mutual respect as his core Party values.
    • That makes it a good focus for a discussion of meritocracy, reverse discrimination, innate abilities, cultural prejudice and so on.
    • The political system, however, is not a meritocracy in the same sense.
    • France, which prides itself on being a meritocracy, has slowly ossified into its default mode of hierarchy.
    • While Prussia had used nationalism to overcome France's advantage in recruiting, it found that adopting a meritocracy was more difficult.
    • He inherited from the French Revolution a meritocracy.