Translation of Messiah in Spanish:


Mesías, n.

Pronunciation /məˈsaɪə/ /mɪˈsʌɪə/


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    Mesías masculine
    • They serve as the prototypes for the Messiah from Joseph, and the Messiah from David, who usher in the Messianic Era.
    • Actually, our tradition tells us that the Messiah will not come on Shabbat or Yom Tov.
    • Where does the Jewish concept of Messiah come from?
    • For the Rastafarians, the black men are the ‘true’ Israelites, waiting for the Messiah to re-establish their Promised Land in Africa.
    • Yet Malachi prophesied that Messiah would come - and Christ, the Messiah, did come.
    • Is the Messiah divine, as the Christians say, or human as the Jews say?
    • The night of Passover would be a good night for the Messiah to show up and the king of God to show up.
    • You are the One who will choose the Messiah from the sons of Israel!
    • But the Old Testament talks about the coming of the Messiah.
    • The people of the Decapolis were well-familiar with the Messiah.
    • I know that the Messiah will come, and when He comes He'll tell us everything.
    • This One, who would be the new and greater David, was the Messiah.
    • The Jews believed in two ages: the age of the law (which began at Sinai) and the age of the Messiah.
    • The secular Zionists were doing the work of God and the Messiah but they did not yet know it.
    • ‘In Judaism, we believe the messiah has not come yet,’ he says.
    • They believe in establishing a Jewish homeland without the coming of the messiah, in direct resistance to the Hasids.
    • Readers of Berger's book cannot fail to gain the impression that belief in the messiah is a central religious concern of Orthodox Jews today.
    • Simeon firmly believed a messiah would rise out of the desert, rescue a chosen people and restore peace to the Promised Land.
    • Mashiyach is the Hebrew word meaning messiah or anointed one.