Translation of metaphorically in Spanish:


metafóricamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈˌmɛdəˈfɔrək(ə)li/ /ˌmɛtəˈfɒrɪk(ə)li/


  • 1

    • He wanted to explore the idea of what a palindrome is, at least metaphorically speaking.
    • The results of his trancelike actions are metaphorically rich.
    • The contemporary art world is, metaphorically speaking, haunted.
    • Within the flux of reciprocity, either everything becomes metaphorically figured or everything has the reality effect of the literal.
    • Each photograph is, metaphorically, an honored piece taken from the rubble of experience.
    • The materials themselves link metaphorically to her theme.
    • He was slightly stupid looking, with a big mouth, both physically and metaphorically.
    • Instead of devoting all their available time and attention to advancing the claim, at least some of them are bound, metaphorically, to be looking behind them.
    • By the time we slow a little into a patch of sharkless blue, I am pumped with adrenaline and metaphorically rubbing my eyes in disbelief.
    • He approached this metaphorically at first, teaching the kids such skills as urban rappelling, which is using ropes to descend the faces of buildings.