Translation of mete in Spanish:


Pronunciation /mit/ /miːt/

  • 1

    → see mete out
    • Certainly it was a shocking and upsetting moment when his punishment was meted out to him with so little justice, especially when he is told that he must become a Christian.
    • Severe punishments will be meted out on violators, particularly those who abuse the internet to download and spread ‘poisonous and harmful’ information.
    • No punishments have been meted out to anyone as yet but an investigation is going on.
    • He did not say what punishments had been meted out to other offenders.
    • There is urgent need to link and sensitise the police, medical fraternity and the judiciary so that deterring punishments are meted out to the offenders, he said.
    • Severe punishments are meted out to violators.
    • That corporal punishments were meted out to workers, including women, was the common complaint of the workers whom we met at the general meeting of the union members on March 6, 2001.
    • So not only am I not sure who filed what complaint against whom, but I won't know if any punishment is meted out at all.
    • Thus our Constitution makes the fundamental decision to sacrifice efficiency in the realm of law enforcement by guaranteeing that no punishment can be meted out in the absence of virtual certainty of individual guilt.
    • A forfeit, on the other hand, means that the audience was less than impressed with the scene and an appropriate punishment is meted out.
    • In many of the informants' recollections of bathroom incidents, the punishment was meted out without regard to the students' obvious efforts to comply with school rules of requesting permission.
    • While the Government, the police particularly, have lamented about increasing road carnage resulting from overloading, nothing seems to be solved because no punishment is meted out to the culprits as they corruptly get away with it.
    • On the occasions that punishment has been meted out, it is generally mild.
    • They were not interrogated, and no justice was meted out to them.
    • Needless to say, no such treatment has been meted out to the alleged fraudsters.
    • Traffic officer Roger Manser said today the same treatment would be meted out to other motorists who equipped their cars with the £40 kits.
    • Much the same treatment was meted out to the illustrious society ladies among whom she networked so assiduously.
    • But… I will promise that justice will be meted out.
    • The trio states that such treatment was meted out even against mentally ill inmates.
    • And above all else, a General should see that justice is meted out.