Translation of metropolitan in Spanish:


metropolitano, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌmɛtrəˈpɑlətn/ /mɛtrəˈpɒlɪt(ə)n/

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  • 1 formal

    the Metropolitan Police la policía londinense
  • 2

    they emigrated from Martinique to metropolitan France emigraron de la Martinica a la metrópoli(s) / a Francia
    • In monarchies and in democracies, in metropolitan Europe as well as in colonial South Asia, the state management of forests has met bitter and continuous opposition.
    • While bureaucracy and inertia ruled in metropolitan France, service in the colonies offered challenge and responsibility, providing a shaft of light which helped illuminate the army even in its darkest days.
    • For the idea of development which was framed in the nineteenth century at the metropolitan centre of Europe as well as in the peripheral colonies, had this object at its centre from the outset.
    • In some cases the laws were enacted by the local society, including resident slaveowners; in others it was imposed by the metropolitan government to control slavery in distant colonies.
    • Algeria had been conquered in 1830 and transformed into a French colony administered as if it were metropolitan France.
    • The French considered Algeria to be part of metropolitan France, not a colony, and over a million French citizens lived there.
    • And whereas, its decision made, the Assembly passed on to pressing metropolitan business, the impact on the colony itself was volcanic.
    • A number of overseas possessions remain part of metropolitan France and send MPs to the national assembly.


  • 1

    metropolitano masculine
    • Specifically, the Board urges a revival of the oversight role of metropolitans, i.e., archbishops overseeing bishops in their province.
    • I grabbed his hand, bowed low, and kissed the great ring of the archbishop of Chicago, metropolitan of Illinois, and cardinal priest of the Roman Catholic Church.
    • Archbishop David Crawley, metropolitan of British Columbia and the Yukon, said that two cases were about to come before the Supreme Court in British Columbia.
    • Bishops and metropolitans lead the 128 dioceses.
    • By an anomaly, however, none of the ten bishops had the status of archbishop or metropolitan.