Translation of mettle in Spanish:


temple, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɛdl/ /ˈmɛt(ə)l/

Definition of temple in Spanish


  • 1

    temple masculine
    entereza feminine
    to show one's mettle demostrar lo que se vale
    • Although Kelly presents herself as uncomplicated and cheerful, every so often the public glimpse her true mettle.
    • It will take sterner tests before we see the true mettle of these Mayo players.
    • It is the closest that the PGA Tour has come to links conditions, the ultimate test of a golfer's mettle and patience.
    • I am pretty sure he means resources, mettle and grit but the point is well-made.
    • The event, promised to be a grand show, will see a display of grit, zeal and mettle.
    • The true mettle of the new British system won't be apparent until it's tested in a crisis.
    • This is really the basis of assessing character, where people show their true mettle.
    • Finally now he is ready to test his mettle at the place where the spirit of Olympics was born: Greece.
    • This woman of steel has proved her mettle many a time, in her feisty battle with the judiciary and opposition.
    • He had to find his mettle as a leader, and he quickly realised that musical talent was not enough.
    • He can start by showing mettle and reversing the decision to hold a public inquiry.
    • The children also proved their mettle in reciting popular Tamil poetry.
    • Securing the future of Social Security is a vital test of the current Congress' mettle.
    • But they better show their mettle, given that reunification is around the corner.
    • The politicians, both those who hold office and others who aspire to displace them, are yet to show such mettle.
    • Carnatic musicians today have more avenues to prove their mettle than artistes in general had even a few years ago.
    • Even computers were not left behind and an entire roomful of youngsters showed their mettle with the gadgets.
    • I cannot say I am confident every jellyfish that has held the post since then would have shown the same mettle.
    • Give some of the youngsters in the bank a chance to show their mettle.
    • But where the program really shows its mettle is in the certification requirement.