Translation of midday in Spanish:


mediodía, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪdˌdeɪ/ /mɪdˈdeɪ/


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    mediodía masculine
    at/before midday al/antes del mediodía
    • the midday sun el sol del mediodía
    • Don't water plants in the heat of the midday sun: early morning or late evening is best.
    • Morning mists can further confuse the eye; the midday sun can dazzle it into submission.
    • And as the empty tarmac streets melt in the midday sun, it appears only the flies are buzzing.
    • Our Verona mobile home was fairly well shaded from the midday sun and of a modern, open studio style.
    • The mountains were suddenly bathed in a light far brighter than the midday sun.
    • As the old ditty goes, it is only mad dogs and Englishmen who go out in the midday sun.
    • In both our replies England sagged like so much peach Melba left out in the midday Melbourne sun.
    • For some, dinner is a midday snack, whereas for others it is a substantial evening meal.
    • He pointed to the massive rock behind which I had been shading from the midday sun.
    • We stand and watch in the heat of the midday sun, waiting for the chaos to subside.
    • Although it faces north, its length ensures it catches a good deal of the midday sun.
    • Most sun worshippers are aware that they should stay out of the midday sun to minimise the risk of sunburn.
    • Late afternoons, even middays, can be productive.
    • It was also eaten throughout the year and often replaced bread at the midday meal or evening supper.
    • Schools and businesses close at noon each day for two to three hours for a midday meal.
    • After midday a perceptible rise in wind force was accompanied by an ominous whine.
    • Every car on display was immaculately turned out and gleamed in the midday sunshine.
    • As midday came, crowds headed for the culinary delights whipped up by Liz Park and her catering team.
    • By midday, householders' concerns for their homes were subsiding as the rain stopped.
    • A good wide brim straw hat will go a far way to help block the scalding midday heat.