Translation of midterm in Spanish:


mitad del período de gobierno, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪdˌtərm/ /mɪdˈtəːm/


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    mitad del período de gobierno feminine
    • The party of the president typically does not fare well in midterm elections.
    • Republicans rule both chambers of Congress and the midterm elections are nearly two years into the future.
    • In restoring undivided Republican control of the federal government, the 2002 midterm elections confirmed three current realities of American politics.
    • The presence of initiatives has the power to increase turnout by as much as 9 percent in midterm elections and 3 percent in presidential election years.
    • Seniors vote in very large numbers, particularly in midterm elections when most people don't vote.
    • Last December, I was talking with a Democratic operative about the midterm elections.
    • The Republican Party was in bad shape after the 1974 midterm elections.
    • With midterm elections being merely a week away here in the United States, my morbid fascination with what the political pundits are saying has reached a fever pitch.
    • That president's party went on to gain seats in the midterm elections.
    • The results broke a five decade trend in which the governor's party lost seats in the midterm election.
    • The midterm elections in November 1938, however, made it unnecessary for President Roosevelt to react to a possible electoral threat from the left.
    • The results of the midterm elections support this.
    • This became a major issue in the midterm elections.
    • Will they have as much of an impact in the midterm elections?
    • No other modern president has been able to accomplish such a delicate task in a midterm election.
    • So where were we when we were interrupted the other day by the midterm elections?
    • With midterm congressional elections approaching rapidly, both parties have said that passage of drug coverage will be critical to their success.
    • Why did the administration shift the focus just 60 days before the midterm elections?
    • He's really got to move quickly on this because he cannot be doing it in the same year as a midterm election.
    • We know that historically the party that holds the White House loses seats in Congress in their first midterm election.
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    School University
    • 2.1(period)

      mitad de un trimestre feminine
      mitad de un semestre feminine

    • 2.2midterms pluralUS (exams)

      exámenes parciales masculine
      • No additional midterms will be posted for this fall term.
      • Take another look at meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises, talking to a professional or any other stress release that works for you during midterms and exams.
      • The point is that each of us has something we do to keep our minds off school, exams and the impending midterms.
      • The CSD used to offer me time and a half for midterms and exams to accommodate for this.
      • The exams, midterm, and final were equally weighted when determining final course grade.
      • I can't promise anything though since midterms and tons of projects are coming up!
      • Every student but one in my fall 2002 class responded that they preferred the on-line quizzes to an in-class midterm.
      • It's tempting to dismiss cliquishness as a relic from high school, along with midterms, lockers, and prom dates.
      • Tara was holding study sessions for second midterms, trying to convince the students that their grades were still salvageable and that they really did need these sessions.
      • The answers to the eighth-grade geography midterm are in her hands.
      • It's a busy time right now and people have midterms and other commitments.
      • They did so well on all the quizzes, midterms and tutorials that each had an ‘A’ coming up to the finals.
      • Her teacher had given her one more chance to pass the midterm within two weeks, and if she did so she wouldn't have to repeat the class the following year.
      • Ninety percent of the students in Quashie's class bombed the midterm.
      • With midterms approaching, it is unavoidable that professors and exam supervisors will have to consider cheating among students.
      • Franchises that have success are studied like a college history book the night before midterms.
      • I smile politely and compliment her on her ‘ageless beauty’ and tell the rest of the ladies that I must retire to my room to do some studying for a midterm coming up.
      • It seemed only natural for our group of four to continue with the study sessions right after class as the midterm loomed closer.
      • I was surprised weeks later when I found I had gotten a very decent grade on the midterm.
      • I should have been studying for my midterms.