Translation of midwifery in Spanish:


obstetricia, n.

Pronunciation /ˈmɪdˌwaɪf(ə)ri/ /mɪdˈwɪf(ə)ri/

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    obstetricia feminine
    partería feminine
    • He was already the author of a successful treatise on midwifery.
    • Being a female studying conducting remains more rare than being a male studying midwifery.
    • He championed a noninterventionist approach to midwifery.
    • The takeover of midwifery by men beginning at the end of the 17th century has been interpreted in various ways.
    • The text is concerned primarily with practices of midwifery that remained detached from anatomical investigations of the body.
    • A physician holding himself in readiness to attend cases of midwifery should never take part in the postmortem examination of cases of puerperal fever.
    • Training courses for social work, business and management, and nursing and midwifery are also available.
    • His skill in learning and aptitude for science took him to Edinburgh University where he became professor of midwifery.
    • Additional home visits by postnatal support workers conferred no health benefit over traditional midwifery for women, regardless of the type of delivery.
    • At the same time, the government was encouraging the training of young women as nurses with a bias toward midwifery and village work.