Translation of migration in Spanish:


migración, n.

Pronunciation /maɪˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/ /mʌɪˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/


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    migración feminine
    emigración feminine
    • This may be an important mechanism promoting the shoreward migration of larval invertebrates and fish.
    • In proposing the waiver, the agency suggested that it would actually benefit wildlife: By interrupting migration, drilling would enable scientists to study the effects of habitat disruption on the deer.
    • But each year the number decreased until there was only one, which left in late February, 1995, to begin its long spring migration to Russia's steppes.
    • During periods of migration, the animals transport tribal communities, often as far as several hundred kilometers.
    • In March and early April, they begin their northward migration, often up the Pacific Coast, back to the breeding grounds.
    • The novel finds a sad, touching disparity between the migrations of birds and the forced marches of uprooted men.
    • While the Corps issues the permits, the state regulates when the work can be done in accordance with fish migration and spawning seasons.
    • You want to write a treatise on swallow migration?
    • The most frequented place at the moment appears to be in the waters off Kalbarri where humpbacks on their northern migration are frolicking about two weeks earlier than usual.
    • In 2000 the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership worked together to test the first full migration with sandhill cranes.
    • On many federal lands, one such "impediment" stipulates that drilling must be halted during periods of wildlife migration.
    • The lack of molt in adults of that species prior to autumn migration probably accounts for this difference.
    • Twice every year, they begin their migration from the Caspian - up from the shores of Iran into the turbid brown artery of the Volga.
    • Bird migration is a phenomenon that connects countries, even continents.
    • During these long migrations they are extremely vulnerable to attack by predators.
    • First the salmon stacked up in a long pool, waiting for the rush of water that signals the fall migration.
    • The pink salmon migration is expected to start in March or April.