Traducción de milk en Español:


leche, n.

Pronunciación /mɪlk/

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  • 1

    (of animal, human)
    leche femenino
    (production/quotas/bottle) (before noun) de leche
    (product) lácteo
    goat's/sheep's milk leche de cabra/oveja
    • milk churn lechera
    • milk cow vaca lechera
    • milk jug lechera
    • milk (sauce)pan cacerola para la leche
  • 2

    (of coconut)
    leche femenino
    (with masculine article in the singular) agua femenino
  • 3Britanico

    leche femenino
    crema femenino

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (cow/herd) ordeñar
    (snake) extraer el veneno de
    • Wandering into a shed one evening, he found a couple dozen goats being milked by a mechanism run by a pump.
    • He grew up on the couple's farm in Bugthorpe where he loved to help out feeding the animals and milking the cows.
    • ‘Cows were milked by hand and milk was separated from cream with a hand-cranked separator,’ she says.
    • Nisley milks his cows in a long parlor lined with tie stalls.
    • In 1949, the year after I started high school and while I was still milking my parents' cows, the federal price-support program was enacted.
    • We feel that by, for example, milking our own cows and processing our milk, we can offer our customers the highest quality dairy products at the lowest possible price.
    • The 80-acre farm now operates around the clock, and the cows are milked three times a day, filling two semitrailer tankers full of milk.
    • Cows are milked three times a day, pushed to their productive limits with hormones and super-charged feed for the sole purpose of milk output.
    • We'd fish and hunt year-round for meat; we raised chickens, sheep, pigs and milked a few cows.
    • Unlike on most dairy farms, all the cows calve at the same time of year, and the cows are not milked in wintertime.
    • Cows were milked three times daily, and milk weights were recorded at each milking.
    • Every day for the past 36 years, Vic and Rosemary Mier got up at 5 a.m. to milk cows.
    • Cows were milked three times daily and housed in an open dry lot with shade in the central area of the pen and over the feedbunk.
    • They fell trees with handsaws, heat their homes with wood, cut the hay with scythes and milk the cows, weed the fields and harvest the crops by hand.
    • After feeding all the animals, milking the cows and collecting the eggs, Freya walked across fields and through forest, trying to straighten her head.
    • Children can touch the animals and even have a go at milking the goats.
    • The men fed the cattle and milked the cows and tied up the dog.
    • Almost half of the increased output would come from milk which is now retained on dairy farms due to quota restrictions and through farmers milking their cows longer each year.
    • She milked the cows, reared poultry, made the butter and undertook a host of other chores.
    • Learning how to milk cows and shear sheep was crucial.
    • He's now milking tarantulas for their venom, and has recently been granted a licence to export that venom.
    • People are bitten by exotic snakes while handling or feeding them, cleaning out their cages, milking them of their venoms, or attempting to steal them.
    • Chief among those experts is Lyn Abra, who milked funnel-webs for their venom for three decades, first for Sutherland's research and then for commercial antivenin production.
  • 2

    they milked his talent to the utmost explotaron su talento al máximo
    • they milk the benefit system for all it's worth sacan todo lo que pueden del sistema de seguridad social
    • What have you been doing all of these years, milking him for money?
    • Money has clearly been milked out of agencies and into the Olympics without regard to consequences.
    • Maybe I should have thought of this before I milked my parents for money.
    • It's just another press release, designed to enhance the public image and milk it for more money.
    • When their dreams are dashed, they hook up and turn into con artists, coming up with grander and grander schemes to milk some poor man of his hard-earned money.